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Sebastian Örtega
Sebastian Örtega 11 órája
I really thought Rodgers was going to throw a Hail Mary but man, he just killed it with those passes, that man is a freaking Genius #GoPackGo
11 órája
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cedric Bossman
cedric Bossman 11 órája
Shannon will be all over skip . Finally the champ has been defeated
Griffy 11 órája
Ok but the 49ers jerseys tho..
WhySoSerious 11 órája
Bears o line is terrible 😂
Shadow Raider
Shadow Raider 11 órája
I sweat watching Raiders games this season is gonna give me a heart attack🤣
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envy. 11 órája
Gus Johnson is the best commentator. Dude starts getting crazy and sounds like Joey Styles from ECW. I wish he was calling every game.
Shawn Yeboah
Shawn Yeboah 11 órája
13:34 The summation of being a lions fan
David Smith
David Smith 11 órája
Ben’s throwing motion just looks off, like as soon as the ball leaves his hand you know it’ll be incomplete
Nick Tirado
Nick Tirado 11 órája
Horrible defensive calls by coordinator too soft of a coverage when you play against Roger's you have to take away Adam's when game on the line let someone else beat you 49ers defense overrated
wesker19902 11 órája
That last play Patrick M really be utilizing that gunslinger ability throwing rockets.
ratede91 11 órája
Bears had as many points as they did completions.... Wow.
Tony Perkins
Tony Perkins 11 órája
Thanks Fox for bringing Gus back to the booth. Now I'll actually watch highlights every week.
Antoine 11 órája
The more I watch the Steelers, the more Ben Roethlisberger is looking more and more like that overweight uncle at the family reunion who tries to pump fake every throw during the obligatory post bbq pickup game. As a browns fan, i love it lol.
Where da Fans???
Darrin Vinsel
Darrin Vinsel 11 órája
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Riviera Stormxx
Riviera Stormxx 11 órája
I’m srry Ben I love you’re skill as a player it’s time for you to hang it up :(
BowlesMovement08 11 órája
LSTNSCRFN 11 órája
Oh Urinating Tree will have fun covering this game
John Doe
John Doe 11 órája
Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! Let's go!!
If you Close your eyes a little it looks like Alabama vs Lsu 😂
Arthur Rodriguez
Arthur Rodriguez 11 órája
Shakiem Jean Joseph
The New Longest Field Goal is a 66 yard Field Goal by Ravens Kicker #9 Justin Tucker gives the Ravens back to back comeback wins 🤯😱Ravens at Broncos Next Sunday 4:25pm on CBS
Brian Madison
Brian Madison 11 órája
Can't wait for Aaron Rodgers Tuesday
Some Guy
Some Guy 11 órája
Cam was 2-1 at this point with a much worse team
Hit of the year‼️Plus 5 sacks today‼️ hutown.info/base/vide/r6Rp0qloqGLDppI.html
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In Golden
In Golden 11 órája
Thank you 49ers for another heart attack
Adrian 11 órája
🧂 from 9er fans have some 🧀 with it! go pack go
Todd Fawver
Todd Fawver 11 órája
Chiefs in last place 😳😳😳
rd3000 11 órája
Carson Wentz is apparently kryptonite to offensive lines
Federico Resendis
Federico Resendis 11 órája
In Crosby we trust. Amen.
FlickMyBic 11 órája
Wasn't able to catch this live, but from the highlights this seemed like one of those old school hard nosed type games. Rodgers & Crosby coldblooded.
KOD1AK 11 órája
When did the Seahawks defense get so bad to when they get pieced almost every play?
Greysen Gagne
Greysen Gagne 11 órája
Rodgers needs to cut that ugly hair
kyle whelly
kyle whelly 11 órája
On that last td by the niners to take the lead, blows my mind the defenders were trying to tackle him on the 1 inch line!!! Had they done it, it's would've been game!!
Nathan 11 órája
How's that no look pass working out for you
George Milk
George Milk 11 órája
imagine thinking brady > rodgers
HRockJKChris Official
Worst highlight ever lol
Malone 3:16
Malone 3:16 11 órája
Smoking that Brady pack and 49er pack🤣
Storm 11 órája
I see a pay raise in the near future.
Joe kingdom
Joe kingdom 11 órája
Go Los Angeles Chargers 🙏🌹
Frank X
Frank X 11 órája
Joey “Big Blood” Burrow
Josh Roth
Josh Roth 11 órája
Anyone else feel like Buffalo's week 1 loss to Pittsburgh was a fluke? Because both teams have gone in completely opposite directions.
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Silly Goosey
Silly Goosey 11 órája
As a Vikings fan I am JEALOUS
Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube Channel
49ers are frauds and realied all game on the refs to help them move the ball
David Smith
David Smith 11 órája
Jamarr Chase sure turned it around quick, haven’t seen him drop one yet
denverthugget1 11 órája
Damn I feel bad for the kid 😬 but the jets can hold the L as a franchise
Rambooo 11 órája
Yeah it really looks like he’s quitting on his team you guys 🙄
Colonel Reb
Colonel Reb 11 órája
Bet the Pats regret letting Brady go now
Daniel Tercero
Daniel Tercero 11 órája
Tim Patrick, aka Mr. Reliable is so underrated! I kinda like that, no one talks about him but he puts on a show every game 🎯
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Austin Penna
Austin Penna 11 órája
Dead center too
Jehu 11 órája
Abrams misses too many tackles. Zero run game. But we got the W.
Spartan7 11 órája
Pay Chandler Jones the money he deserves He is a game changer!
You can I'm
You can I'm 11 órája
Trevor sucks
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
That first throw to Adams is 9.5/10 difficulty and A-Rod made it like he was in practice. Insane man. The greats are great for a reason.
smacky 11 órája
Can I get a @jomboy review of this kick? I am so sorry to all the detroit fans out there.
Zafir89 11 órája
As a Niner fan, Kyle Shanahan’s play calling is iffy
Eugene Phillips
Eugene Phillips 11 órája
Stil 49ers all the way...
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Zion__Nyc 11 órája
I’m not from the Bronx no more I’m from Boston now
davidnaja 11 órája
Good for you Matt. A shame Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson couldn't have gotten the hell out of Detroit.
TKF2 11 órája
Hire some new refs please, this game nearly made me cry.
TXC ShrimpDubzz
TXC ShrimpDubzz 11 órája
I’m a casual nfl fan. Just started following it at the end of last year. Why did the dolphins get the ball back? I thought it was first to score in Ot
MrMomoneyz 11 órája
Not sure what's happening with the Hawks. They blew another lead.
Oshi 11 órája
Seattle's defense is no where to be found! Enjoy last place Seahawk fans!
Boston Bruins2011
Boston Bruins2011 11 órája
The hit on Adams was shoulder to chest and was a clean hit from the angles I watched. I’m glad Adams was able to finish game and is okay.
Jackson Conley
Jackson Conley 11 órája
Today was a tale of two Justins.
Chris Cook
Chris Cook 11 órája
its too bad this game's officiating was the worst of the season so far
Wolf Paws
Wolf Paws 11 órája
Las Vegas is with the violence this year
BayAreaDynasty 11 órája
Hats off to you packers GG!
Yes Mama
Yes Mama 11 órája
As a Broncos fan I can’t be happy that we’re 3-0, we beat 3 of the worst teams in the league😂😭 I can’t wait to see how we match up against a real team next week
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Free advice to NFL GMs: never draft an OSU QB to be your starting QB. Ever. Mike Tomczak is the most productive QB to come out of OSU, and he wasn't drafted.
msonic105 11 órája
Everyone knew the ball was going to Adams except the 49s. TWICE
Jonathan Blaze
Jonathan Blaze 11 órája
KC needs to be humbled. They're a bit too full of themselves.
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