Bears vs. Rams Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2021 

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The Chicago Bears take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season.

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Lawrence Terrell
What's sad is the Lion's wasted Matt Stafford year's as a player and isn't sad the Bear are waste Allen Robinson and Khalil Mack year's as a player the chicago bears need to fire Matt Nagy and the GM this team has been poorly constructed which is why the Rams won
Ruben Garcia
Love my rams
Jen Sturgeon
Worst defense ive seen in a while from bears
Jason Nash
Jason Nash 5 napja
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Josh Wolf
Josh Wolf 5 napja
Could you add more ads? Like you jackasses need any more money.
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 5 napja
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 5 napja
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 5 napja
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Skill Champ 5 napja
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Skill Champ 5 napja
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Skill Champ 5 napja
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Skill Champ 5 napja
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Skill Champ 5 napja
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Skill Champ 5 napja
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Skill Champ 5 napja
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Skill Champ 5 napja
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 5 napja
Jake 5 napja
So hard being a bears fan 😭🤦‍♂️
Stephanie Fissel
At 0:50 is one of the coolest touchdowns EVER!!
willease 6 napja
Two defenders pull their hands back rather than touch a downed player? Please, even little league players know this. Rigged for sure.
Supersonic564 4 napja
They can’t just cancel their momentum. Also, the player on the left did reach out, just missed
Jay 6 napja
Yeah Stafford was the problem in Detroit. It couldn't of been the horrible owners who have 1 playoff win in 60 year's. I wish Barry and Calvin got the chance to be traded to a contender they deserved it for giving Detroit allot of great year's. Stafford never had a consistent running game either in Detroit. Jahvid Best was playing great until he got the concussion. That team had a shot to make a run until Best got hurt.
Jesse Gibson
Jesse Gibson 6 napja
Natural grass will be the rams kryptonite to their offense.
Stanley Ezen
Stanley Ezen 6 napja
Stafford enjoying this haha
Joanne Beveridge
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Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 7 napja
I want to see how Stafford does against my cardinals!!😉😎💪🏼
Velock85 7 napja
Im so glad he got a damn team around him now, will be rooting for him.
Gale Peck
Gale Peck 7 napja
Bears should have squired stafford I would have gave dalton and foles
Gale Peck
Gale Peck 7 napja
Why did they not put dalton in first
Joker Brain
Joker Brain 7 napja
I don't think I've ever seen Dalton throw a ball more then 15 yards, ever play is a grind for little 5 or 10 yard passes its crazy. You can't win like that, not when Stafford is throwing the hell out of the ball all over the field not just 8 yard drop off passes.
Joker Brain
Joker Brain 7 napja
Dalton seems like a nice guy an he really wants to win, but out of 10 he's a 7 at best as a QB. An now its looking like his time is up after one game, a few 10 yard Completions won't help a bad team win..
Joker Brain
Joker Brain 7 napja
I mean Stafford was able to make the Lions look like they might win a playoff game an that wasnt easy. Him to the Rams was the best move they coulda made, he's a legit talent with a big arm an can move around the pocket. Rams have a real shot to win it all now bye Goff enjoy Detroit lol
alan bell
alan bell 8 napja
glad to see none of the players are vaccinated.
Christopher Joe
Why wasn't Justin highlighted?
7:24 Andy Dalton stiff armed Aaron Donald 😂😂😂
Troy Flynn
Troy Flynn 8 napja
Stafford won a game with a dislocated shoulder he just needed a good offensive line to give him time to make a play hes tough nothing but respect for him
Principe Dinero
That interception Andy gave it away , he didn’t even throw it at any bear player just threw it . Game was given to rams cause of the new field
Corey Harris
Corey Harris 8 napja
As Lions fan, it’s great to see all this positivity for Stafford coming in. Also, as former St. Louis Rams fan it’s like the perfect reason to root for the Rams again. Still the Lions do something someday. I watched Stafford put that team on his back so many damn times just to be crushed. So happy to see this.
Dani G. Barreto
Finally Stafford getting the respect he deserves
Spartan7 8 napja
I love Rams new stadium!
Ryan G234
Ryan G234 8 napja
I can see fields getting hurt if we use him in the RPO. Definitely not a fan of throwing him out there in the red zone
Lee Young
Lee Young 5 napja
Carmine Gazerro
Andy Dalton played for nominal ball out so fast so many completions interception was not his fault as a tip. The Bears defense what the hell is wrong with it secondary. That guy feels I just got a feeling he’s going to be a bust I don’t care about a 1 yard running goal line. No I’m a patriot fan and Tom Brady fan so take that as a compliment
Joseph Neira
Joseph Neira 9 napja
So much for Andy Dalton lol what happen I thought it was your time 😂
Martin Kelley
Martin Kelley 9 napja
Ry Guy92
Ry Guy92 9 napja
You can tell it’s Matthew Stanford because of his girly voice
Miles Robinson
the Bears still got potential for 2021 season!
Samuel Freitas
sokin jon
sokin jon 9 napja
This was fun!
Johnny Nonny
Johnny Nonny 9 napja
Matty boy!!!!! Yes!
soua vang
soua vang 9 napja
Bears and the short throws.
Desmond Clark
Desmond Clark 9 napja
Since when did the NFL allow single digit and numbers 1-19 on defense?
Frozen Bean
Frozen Bean 9 napja
Good to know we'll also ruin goff :/
sokin jon
sokin jon 9 napja
Welcome to Los Angeles,Matthew Stafford
JC Jr.
JC Jr. 9 napja
I can’t believe this was only his 3rd offensive player of the week honors throughout his entire career.
Bill Nye
Bill Nye 9 napja
GhostKing 9 napja
Stafford is da goat 🐐🐐
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 9 napja
24 got lit up last minute.
Christopher Mudd
Go Rams
TDJK Hazard
TDJK Hazard 9 napja
Im really happy to see Marquis Goodwin back on the football field after so long ‼️ missed that man
Cory Risse
Cory Risse 9 napja
stafferd is a hidden goat to me he is one of many hidden goats
James Taaffe
James Taaffe 9 napja
Lions fan since the 80s. FORD needs to sell the team to ANYBODY who actually wants to win and NOT just sell tickets.
Irece Martin
Irece Martin 10 napja
ʏɛa ʏaʟʟ ҡɛɛք sʟɛɛքɨռɢ օռ tɦɛ ʀaʍs Whilɛ աɛ ʝʊst ʀaʍ քass ʏaʟʟ ռ taҡɛ ɨt aʟʟ tɦɛ աaʏ!!! aʏɛ!!!
jovaughn thompson
Stafford finally looks happy
Eespeeci 10 napja
Embarrassing performance by the bears, another disappointing season for bears fans
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan 10 napja
*Stafford has always been underrated man got game not a lions fan but I would watch it just for him, I am glad he's got a better team and coaching staff*
MrCOLE 10 napja
Great to see stafford dosnt have to carry the team anymore he has help HE FOUND HIS TEAM BABU he dosnt have to throw 2000 yards a game to win
Shakiem Jean Joseph
Welcome to Los Angeles,Matthew Stafford
Enqi The God
Enqi The God 10 napja
Andy kept throwing too low to the receivers, almost like he was aiming for their feet.
miko foin
miko foin 10 napja
Happy for stafford, maybe he didn't get out a year to late like i thought lol If he stay healthy he'll have an MVP season 🙌
Alexander Hall
Alexander Hall 10 napja
User619 TLSDCA
User619 TLSDCA 10 napja
Bears need to stop being dumb and just label Dalton as Back Up Emergency QB for Fields as a rotation when Fields showing mistakes but overall just Back Up Fields. Fields is more BUILT for modern game while Dalton needs cheers as the Bears Back Up QB to have Fans see it in this way.
Patrick Martinez
See you in the Super bowl. Go Rams
miko foin
miko foin 10 napja
The only thing Detroit lions did right was let Stafford go unlike letting Barry Sanders and Megatron go.
Godsgeneral21 10 napja
As a packer fan I’m happy the bears finally got a good Qb
its gaxin V2
its gaxin V2 10 napja
top 10
lil zae
lil zae 10 napja
L.A. Rams organization happy and i know Stafford happy also finally get to play for a good team.
bfogle65 10 napja
HARDBODY Growth&Development
99 rams?
PC Legendary Gaming
0:58 ....
Stan Th3 man
Stan Th3 man 10 napja
Stanford deserved this💯
CRITROLE 10 napja
staff lookin but not playin like a damn rook out there and there were either a lot of bears fans there or not that many rams fans
Oh Wow
Oh Wow 10 napja
The stadium was like 80-20 rams fans
CRITROLE 10 napja
been a lions fan for 30+ years now stafford is the first former lion i've ever followed to another team and really hope he can finally win a damn ring before he hangs em up
Blue Benji
Blue Benji 10 napja
I'm happy for my man Stafford
Dante floyd
Dante floyd 10 napja
Bears rams highlight
Aguste Butzlaff
Aguste Butzlaff 10 napja
The breakable carnation ethnopharmacologically change because gender holly offer round a wasteful corn. sweltering, ruddy smash
Seth Butler
Seth Butler 11 napja
The Rams offense performed like they were in madden playing on rookie arcade mode, Bears defense blowssss.
dan krocka
dan krocka 11 napja
Bears D played scared. I'm not sure the Bears called a single play action. Rams looked dominant in all facets. Was really glad to see Fields play well, albeit limited snaps. Give Monty 20 carries a game please. Seemed to be the only guy who was hungry
FA113N 50V3RNTY 11 napja
The only thing Detroit lions did right was let Stafford go unlike letting Barry Sanders and Megatron go.
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza 11 napja
Matthew Stafford dominated the Bears Defense man congrats as a bears fan
Snappa T
Snappa T 11 napja
Sorry bears unless u start fields y’all going 7-7 wit Andy
Jack Noble
Jack Noble 11 napja
The holistic plane physiologically rock because comma sporadically beg at a nostalgic lamb. torpid, troubled aries
Virgil Conner
Virgil Conner 11 napja
People forget how much a cannon Stafford got🔥🔥
Bob Fole
Bob Fole 11 napja
Matthew Stafford is going to be the MVP this year
Tamás Kerecsényi
Dalton's first drive is of course an interception... Should have stick with Fields..
colin mackenzie
colin mackenzie 11 napja
The REAL GAME is to see if Stafford falls to all the Vices of Los Angeles! If they can keep him clean, the Rams will be playoff bound!
Bruce Im
Bruce Im 11 napja
Rams gonna win the Super Bowl
GB vs. SF INSANE Ending!
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