Breaking Down Kyler Murray's Electrifying Week 1 Performance | Baldy Breakdowns 

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batzxxl 2 napja
This is the type of stuff sports networks should be focusing on instead of having a bunch of dudes debating and yelling predictable opinions at each other while some hot chick pretends to mediate.
AlphaDwg 6 napja
he basically Barry Sanders playing quarterback
Braezy 8 napja
Okay that was pump fake to AJ was nice
furyofbongos 10 napja
Wow, unbelievably unprofessional audio. The average 8 year old HUtownr has way better audio than this.
Dex000 10 napja
The videos would be better is you didn't slow them down every time you ran through them. "Let's watch Kyler Murray..." And then it's stutter stop nonsense and we never get to watch him.
Blassie P
Blassie P 11 napja
Im still confused why Houston traded D-Hop cmon pay that man but he's in a better boat now cause Watson gonna sit this year.
Daniel Richards
Daniel Richards 11 napja
Brian is still recording his videos in his wardrobe.
Kurt Halbauer
Kurt Halbauer 11 napja
Kyler's play about to bring Fitz back :O
ikwhite 11 napja
Get this man a mic!
La Rams Take !!!!
Jenoris Jenkins doesn’t deserve a starting cb position in this league anymore he was terrible Hell the whole Tennessee Titans offense was terrible
PtoRicanDBLT 12 napja
Favorite part was my Cardinal fans there. Love seeing them in the stands at away games. Cardinal love! ❤️
Gabriel Barraza
Gabriel Barraza 12 napja
2021 MVP
43rdChromosome 12 napja
Julien Dean
Julien Dean 12 napja
I Can't get enough of baldy's breakdowns :) i could listen to him Breaking down Plays for hours haha
Auntonio Evans
Auntonio Evans 12 napja
Good job baldy
Gairman 12 napja
Love Baldy & the slow motion high lights are way better then the regular ones....Murray looks almost like regular speed even in slow mo, so quick...jock straps littering the field.
Dank Vada
Dank Vada 12 napja
breaking news: the titans defense is really good at being bad.
Colin Zeis
Colin Zeis 12 napja
kylers unbelievable. the crazy scramble pass to rondale more, edmonds has been open for maybe 2-3 seconds longer then more, but was 3-4 yards shy of a first down. kyler knew they needed the first, and made that one final juke step back so he could seperate and get the ball to the receiver he knew was beyond the first down marker. after a 45 yard scramble, he had the wherewithal to not settle for edmonds short but bought moore just enough time to get open again. he was perfect against the blitz, young fella is so much fun to watch. i’ve always been pissed i wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate michael vick, randy moss, cris carter and all the other legends that played football and was worried i may never get a chance to again. Thanks to vick, wilson, brees, number of others kyler got a chance and watching him and hopkins is a blast
Isaiah Bullis
Isaiah Bullis 12 napja
Let’s GO! AZ!
Go Kylie! Dee Andray Hoppy! Go Cardies! All the way My Zonas!!!!
Clap ya hands everybody
Kids a freak
Kody Nez
Kody Nez 12 napja
On Kirk second TD, you can see Hopkins open down the middle. Could have been an easy TD but a TD is a TD. Damn, Hopkins could have had 3 TD in this game. 💯
Scary how fast he is and how he can just stop on a dime like that
DeAsUnJa 12 napja
Go Kyler. And Go Rodney Hudson, who to me makes the biggest change this season. The feeling of uneasiness I used to have watching my team is gone. The man is stable. Thanks for bringing him. Go Cardinals!!! Let's do this !
Cardinals 23
Cardinals 23 12 napja
Kyler is Mahomes and Jackson combined plus a little bit of Wilson a perfect QB with no weakness except for his size
Citizens Capital
Don't forget, Mahomes and Jackson came thru h.s. during the same period of time for the most part, as Murray. On a national level, Murray was a 5 star recruit and the #1 dual threat qb in the country. Both Mahomes and Jackson were like 3/4 star recruit. So, careful. Don't act as if Murray is some kind of caddy or knock off of these guys. He is the standard.
Cardinals 23
Cardinals 23 5 napja
@AlphaDwg fr he and Barry are untouchable in small spaces
AlphaDwg 6 napja
it's like if barry sanders played quarterback
Cardinals 23
Cardinals 23 11 napja
@De Sugar yep that’s is exactly what I am trying to say he is very shifty but once gets hit rly bad it takes him a while to recover as we seen it last year with that shoulder injury
De Sugar
De Sugar 12 napja
His size is both a weakness and a strength. Weak because hes small and at the mercy of people 2x his size. Strong because his small size makes his shifts quicker and more difficult to tackle.
Cardinals 23
Cardinals 23 12 napja
I rly hope K1 wins MVP and Chan wins DPOY that would be wild!!
Jet Cards
Jet Cards 12 napja
joshualei98 12 napja
He’s so damn talented, it’s kinda not fair.
Wayne Ross
Wayne Ross 11 napja
Men fail sorry
Desmond Howard
Desmond Howard 12 napja
Who cares make the freakin playoffs then I'll be amazed
Martialasp 3
Martialasp 3 12 napja
A lot of people care. buddy.
Re Pure
Re Pure 12 napja
AZ is going to be a very scary team to play against!
Jabba The Hunt
Jabba The Hunt 12 napja
Titans are going to be a bust this year
Jamaal Williams
Jamaal Williams 12 napja
Wow d hop and aj green man thats mean
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez 12 napja
As a titans fan i expected us to come in and showcase this hype everyone has been building around us since Julio joined, but we got flat out embarrassed. Cards came ready to perform on all cylinders and just made us look ridiculous, at Home.
G B 11 napja
As a Packers fan good luck. Coaching failing us 😭
_ JDP2104 _
_ JDP2104 _ 11 napja
I think you guys will still rebound and have a good season, but yeah we just had an amazing game
TexasDragon 1995
Baldy, you treasure
James 12 napja
Kyler Murray > your favorite QB
phantomcyrano 12 napja
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Baldy breakdowns needs to be AT LEAST an hour long show. This is the best thing the NFL does on HUtown hands down, and it isn't close.
Bulldog 71ss
Bulldog 71ss 12 napja
Glad he's on our side
BB Studios
BB Studios 12 napja
This is more entertaining than the broadcasts!
Jaq Summit
Jaq Summit 12 napja
Murray will not last the season if he continues to scramble .
Migil 12 napja
He knows that
Jose Mojica
Jose Mojica 12 napja
🤡3-0? Last year we didn't have a dominating win as they just had.
Joey Trujillo
Joey Trujillo 12 napja
@mario 17🔥 found the Titans fan
Chris Arterburn
Chris Arterburn 12 napja
Lol we started off 2-2 last year you clown
AAA GGG 12 napja
U big mad
mario 17🔥
mario 17🔥 12 napja
Last year
Self-Righteous Ideologue
So I have never lied in my life. Ever. No matter what. I don't lie. Never have, never will. Okay, that's a lie, but believe me when I say that Kyler did amazingly well, and Cardinals are going to be good. And no, I'm not a Cardinals fan
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 12 napja
We're for real. Thank you, Steve Keim!
Sighova 12 napja
If Kyler figured out how to win at this level, then the league is in trouble just ask Allen and Oklahoma 😏.
Roy Batty
Roy Batty 8 napja
Yep, we here in Allen already know. Kyler will win at this level too.
John D
John D 12 napja
Cardinals and browns pass rush looked scary af
Ocyries 12 napja
When you draft kyler
paul fedor
paul fedor 12 napja
Baldys breakdowns with sam spence! hutown.info/base/vide/o3Whl4aTh2OuaKs.html
bret hull
bret hull 12 napja
1:35 "Jenkins is no match for Hopkins"... as Jenkins batts the ball out of play lol did coach put this together himself?
Zachm 12 napja
Got called for PI
Tapatio Man
Tapatio Man 12 napja
Kyler Murray is the only qb that smiles when he sees jj watt and chandler jones at the same time
Wayne Ross
Wayne Ross 11 napja
Colin Zeis
Colin Zeis 12 napja
😂😂😂 amazing
Chris R.
Chris R. 12 napja
I seen you on The Cardinal Rule's stream the other day. G'day sir.
CHASE GAFA 12 napja
wika 12 napja
Best comment haha
Cynthia-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
It’s the regular season and they still ain’t give my man a mic
Teresa T[a]P Me!! To [S]EX With Me
I'm a say it now because I've noticed this young man has potential to be the best ever. To ME Kyler Murray is better than Patrick Mahomes.
Kai Hamasaki
Kai Hamasaki 10 napja
@laotouaxiong *half a billion
MB 12 napja
@Nate Gordon "go learn football more" "just cause your fast" [you're] - how about you go learn english "more" lol and when talking football stay off the drugs, speed kills...see what I did there lmao
Nate Gordon
Nate Gordon 12 napja
Lmao go learn football more just cause your fast don't mean your better he started off this strong last year and fell apart give it time. Mohomes has proved over 4 years he is the best.
MB 12 napja
@laotouaxiong with Kyler's arm, speed and elusiveness, put him on the chiefs with Andy Reed and its a major problem
laotouaxiong 12 napja
Idk but super bowl ring and half a MILLION contract is pretty good to me
Tapatio Man
Tapatio Man 12 napja
And the power ranks say az is number 14😒
Jst S
Jst S 12 napja
2021, still recording from the shower room😁✌️
can man
can man 12 napja
I always hear Lamar Jackson makes plays that no other QB can make, like that TD to Brown last night….and it’s just simply false. Kyler Murray plays football. Kyler’s TD to Hop of the scrambled was harder throw and his completion to Moore off the scramble was as if not more impressive. I’m not saying who is better out of the two but don’t people need to stop acting like Lamar is in a league of his own when it comes to dual threat QB. Lamar not making the passes Kyler is making. And that’s just obvious if you watch the games.
Citizens Capital
@Old Guy Gaming Network Kyler been an accomplished passer since 15 years old(1st of 3 consecutive State of Texas titles). The bucket throws, the throws in the hole in 2 coverage, the outs throw at timing, the outs throws with arm strength, the out passes thrown from the opposite hash.......was doing all that in high school. Then he sat out for 3 years. Won the Heisman in his only full year of college football.
Citizens Capital
Lamar know who Kyler is. They came thru high school at the same time. Lamar know what's up!
can man
can man 9 napja
@Omari Brown Lamar can’t make all of the throws Kyler can make. Not saying that Lamar’s situation isn’t less ideal or that he isn’t an amazing player. But Lamar isn’t making the plays with his arm on the level that Kyler is. He is a slightly better runner given his size and he’s probably faster in a straight line. But as an overall QB I’m choosing Kyler because he’s gives you at least 90% of what Lamar gives you on the ground…Kyler had like at least 10 rush TD last year…and lets say Lamar gives you 90% of what Kyler gives you through the air so it’s basically the opposite of what Kyler giving you 90% of Lamar’s ground game, I’d still take Kyler because in todays NFL passing is a way more efficient and explosive way of moving the football down the field. Side note…lamar was taking some risky hits last game falling on his head and just getting hit in general. He’s not too much bigger than Kyler. He’s only like 210-215.
Alexander Anthony
@Omari Brown no shade on Lamar tho, fam. He's an MVP caliber dual threat QB.
Omari Brown
Omari Brown 10 napja
Give Lamar the same weapons as Kyler and you’d see similar plays. Love what Kyler is doing though
MosMoneyENT 12 napja
I'm a say it now because I've noticed this young man has potential to be the best ever. To ME Kyler Murray is better than Patrick Mahomes.
Ares 1
Ares 1 8 napja
@Joey Trujillo no problem 🤝
Joey Trujillo
Joey Trujillo 8 napja
@Ares 1 thank you kind sir
Ares 1
Ares 1 8 napja
@Joey Trujillo the term you’re looking for is elaborate. Not evaluate
Ares 1
Ares 1 12 napja
People are gonna hate but I honestly agree. There is legit no one in the league id trade Kyler for
Joey Trujillo
Joey Trujillo 12 napja
Drops the hottest take Doesn’t elaborate Leaves Gigachad
Cameron Gore
Cameron Gore 12 napja
He is going to have a breakout video game stats year
Elijah M
Elijah M 12 napja
ah yes, the best part of the NFL season… *Baldy’s Breakdowns*
Elijah M
Elijah M 12 napja
@Real Is Real i’m glad you can speak for yourself man 🙂
Real Is Real
Real Is Real 12 napja
3rd best part behind highlights and overreactions
RyRy Tha N8tive
RyRy Tha N8tive 12 napja
'Crickets' that's the sound of them Kyler haters through out the off-season 😂😂
Pat Murray
Pat Murray 10 napja
@BlackPhoenix623 i ain't your bro....and secondly....once a loser. Always a loser....
BlackPhoenix623 10 napja
Bro who gives a F about that record. They haven’t been in Arizona for that long and the NFL is becoming more even-leveled
Brennan Matheson
@Pat Murrayloser
Demented Larry
Demented Larry 12 napja
@Pat Murray you have to be over 50 years old to never hear of the term hating lmao
Pat Murray
Pat Murray 12 napja
@Demented Larry oh stop and grow up man...Jesus
Juggie Bonebrain
Gawd, get a microphone or stop recording in your bathroom. I can never get through his segments despite how well he can talk about it
gods son
gods son 12 napja
Kyle Emrey
Kyle Emrey 12 napja
Glad I picked him up on fantasy... only low point was that I played against D-Hop.
Alban Selimaj
Alban Selimaj 12 napja
@Dave Morefield I lost by a point cause my opponent had the kicker from the Raiders and him hitting that field goal w/ 2 seconds left in the 4th qtr cost me my clean sweep 😩😭😞
Dave Morefield
Dave Morefield 12 napja
@Alban Selimaj Me too, locked up my week one win.
Alban Selimaj
Alban Selimaj 12 napja
I got Murray D-Hop and Metcalf on the same team
Cameron Gore
Cameron Gore 12 napja
He is going to break out this year watch
Cameron Gore
Cameron Gore 12 napja
I got him too 😁
stj otw
stj otw 12 napja
It isn't fair. You have D-hop and AJ green at the same time
Colin Zeis
Colin Zeis 12 napja
@David Ray ahHahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂 amazing
joshblue32 12 napja
Dude their philosophy for since a few years ago has been “get the best naturally talented skilled player” and it’s paying off
David Ray
David Ray 12 napja
byron and budda... swimmy, swammy.. SIMMONS! I WAS WAY OFF!
Bimmer Breaker
Bimmer Breaker 12 napja
And Chandler Jones and JJ Watt at the same time :)
jesse quaranta quaranta
Add in rondale Moore and Kirk too
Paraic Bond
Paraic Bond 12 napja
It’s the regular season and they still ain’t give my man a mic
Cory Bannerman
Cory Bannerman 12 napja
Sounds a authentic tho lol idk …..sounds legit
Everything Epic
Everything Epic 12 napja
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