Chiefs vs. Buccaneers | Super Bowl LV Game Highlights 

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay.
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2021.febr. 7.






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JxT1957 Órája
Cool, Bucs won 2 super bowls in blowouts
Chuy Murillo
Chuy Murillo 4 órája
Congrats to the Bucs! Hope you enjoy your time and good luck next year! -Chiefs fan’ (P.S i wont talk trash)
Reactor XXL
Reactor XXL 5 órája
what else you got to prove Tom ...its ok we got you man
jvtherrien 14 órája
When I hear the "Who's the greatest football player of all time," the first name that pops into my head is Jim Brown. He just sounds like the definition of football, plus I'm just tired of EVERYTHING being about the qb so I'm reluctant to name a quarterback first; but man, after doing what he just did, I can't hold off any longer, this guy (Tom Brady) is truly the greatest of all time
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 2 órája
Tom Brady owns the NFL sucks without the 7 time SB champion the goat
David 16 órája
who here wish Kansas City won
jvtherrien 14 órája
Not me!
fnafandfriends11 17 órája
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 2 órája
My man was running for his life out there His O-line was terrible
Ultimate Zeno
Ultimate Zeno 18 órája
Alejandro Vargas jr
Let go tampa bay buccaners
fangman21 22 órája
Every year I go through the same thought process: "Tom Brady is forty ___ years old, I don't care about any decline I'm happy just to be able to watch him play for another year. He probably won't win or even make the superbowl but I get at least 16 games of Brady." Then every year in the superbowl I'm sweating my ass off watching him win another. GOAT, greatest winner the NFL has ever seen.
NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535
The record shows that the refs rigged the game in brady’s favor, the penalties were 11 to 2. Is that calling it fairly? What a way for him to get his 7th ring and Super Bowl MVP, instead of sweating for it, the refs gift wrapped these for him like a spoiled brat that stands at the end of a chocolate assembly line with his mouth open. brady is weak. He takes the easy way out to be successful. Let’s not forget the spygate brady was involved with in his time with New England against the Jets for the 06-07 season opener. brady also found a loophole to avoid being disciplined for deflating footballs. If he wants people to believe he’s a legit winner, rule number 1 just don’t commit spygate and don’t use the refs to favor you to win Super Bowls in this kind of fashion where they were too one sided against KC. The the penalties being 11 to 2 isn’t officiating the game evenly. What a way for brady to foul up his legacy if he ever hopes to get into the NFL Hall Of Fame when he retires. Canton has no place for cheats. If he does get in the NFL Hall Of Fame, I’ll never ever ever watch 🏈 again.
Gibby Gibson
Gibby Gibson 19 órája
No one cares
Hai Ha Nguyen
Hai Ha Nguyen 23 órája
2001 Rams, 2015 Legion of Boom, 2017 Falcons, 2021 Chiefs: "We're gonna build a dynasty". Tom Brady: "Let me show you how hard it is".
Zaid Napja
Mark my word Patrick Mahomes is going to be the best by the end of the next few years
Drafty Galaxy
Drafty Galaxy 19 órája
He will never catch Brady lol especially after this game
jose pena
jose pena Napja
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Nate eibs YT
If you take a look at all franchises' amount of super bowl rings, you can add tom brady to the list and he has more Super Bowls than any other franchise. The patriots and the Steelers are tied for first at 6 Super Bowls wins and Brady has 7 super bowl wins. Probably one of the craziest stats in sports ever.
Sebastian Espinosa
Buccaneers CHEATED!
Carson Bush
Sources say that the way Brady got to the Bucs was with one question "Whats yall ring size?"
Best Part: TB gets 7th ring Worst part: Antonio Brown gets a ring out of all of this
Shane Ball
Shane Ball Napja
7:10 Ben #56 pushes his teammate #53 AWAY FROM A TACKLE and jogs it in!??!? Making literally no attempt to tackle...that's not a lineman, but a linebacker that refused to try to stop a touchdown. THIS IS PROOF THAT NFL IS AS REAL AS WWE!!!!!! It's all a stage people.
Patrick brooooooo
bowen voowy
My man was running for his life out there His O-line was terrible
len oliver
len oliver Napja
Tom Brady owns the NFL sucks without the 7 time SB champion the goat
Edgar Figaro
Edgar Figaro 2 napja
Both of the teams jerseys were beautiful no matter what team you were rooting for
Wieslaw Sobocinski
Metti Kaliente
Spice molange
bowen voowy
Now bucs got aj watts their gonna be the scariest thing to ever step into a field just watch lmao
The Chronic Card Collectors Torrey Riley Shawn
Gooo Bucs! Rarest Herbert Cards Lot!!! www.ebay.com/itm/284199771076?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
SEMA james LLLKkaniaru
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Jasmin M
Jasmin M 2 napja
Mahomes had a great evening
Refs played a hell of a game. Good job, refs. The real GOATs will be back.
Carson Bush
Lmao you’re pathetic dude, PLAY HARDER next time
Some One
Some One 2 napja
8:43 the two best incompletions you'll ever watch.
Cale Herrmann
Cale Herrmann 2 napja
at least the first ones on the board
The Ringo & Monte Show
wow 6.1 thousand dislikes.....thanks haters...cuz 6+1 ...IS 7 ..7 rings
Martin Alvarado
Saludos desde morelia a ver cuando bienen los partidos jugar fútbol americano NFL
Martin Alvarado
Saludos desde morelia los recomiendo para que veas por tv el futbol americano NFL
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 2 napja
Henry 2 napja
Chiefs o-line: aight imma head out
Ha Haa
Ha Haa 2 napja
i mean they really played as good as they could but they were just dominated and outmatched lol
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 2 napja
Son Goku
Son Goku 2 napja
Still here loving it
Isaiah Paradise
Man refs really screwed us up
Isaiah Paradise
@Carson Bush Ya that too. A ton of injuries in the trenches and the penalties and Kecle's 3rd down drop... just a nightmare. Gonna come back next year strong. GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carson Bush
Your o line screwed you up dude. And Kelce’s drops
Nestory Michael
who is still watching this rn?
NotyouAgain! !
Now bucs got aj watts their gonna be the scariest thing to ever step into a field just watch lmao
GD Trubactor
GD Trubactor 3 napja
As a chiefs fan, I’m disappointed on how this game went, but don’t let the people say that brady cheated or anything like that, unfortunately a lot of them do say that. While I do think there was a few shitty calls, it wasn’t totally fixed. Hope we get better
Carson Bush
Bucs fan agrees with you; a couple of the flags were BS but that wasn’t what cost you the game. It was the breakdown of the offensive line and lack of defense.
Trey SF 415
Trey SF 415 3 napja
Mahomes ran for his life the whole game because his O line kept collapsing on him lol and the Chiefs defensive coverage was a$$ and let the bucs drive them down the field 😂
Ask to seduce Miss
In the game of The NFL , Tom Brady is the main character and everyone else is just an NPC...
clifford yawn
clifford yawn 3 napja
Tom Brady is the oldest to win a Super Bowl and Mac Jones will be the youngest to win a Super Bowl.
benjita castillo
Israel Teixeira
Israel Teixeira 4 órája
Flamengo papa del RIBER
Holahola Jk19
Holahola Jk19 3 napja
Tienes razón no le entendí.
Iraq Lobster
Iraq Lobster 3 napja
Next season I predict a buccaneers vs Titans super bowl!!!
Ask to seduce Miss
Brady kicked the holy crap outta the Chiefs. Mahomes was running around after the game and saying...I' don't know what happened.
Sakdale 3 napja
Tom Brady vs Cam Newton... makes sense why one of them has rings and the other doesn’t. Brady put his body on the line when there was a fumball due to the snap but Cam Newton....
Jax 3 napja
This game really showed me that building the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball is the most important part of a team!
Ultimate Zeno
Ultimate Zeno 3 napja
Ultimate Zeno
Ultimate Zeno 3 napja
mike32277 3 napja
5:38 This is the one of the biggest so called penalties (among many) that showed the game was fixed. I wanted the Buc's to win, but not this way.
Ha Haa
Ha Haa 2 napja
bro how is that NOT penalty? lmao defender got beat if he doesnt do that could have gone for a TD
Ultimate Zeno
Ultimate Zeno 3 napja
mike32277 3 napja
The fix was in from the the get go to make sure Brady got a seventh.
Camron Yates
Camron Yates 4 napja
I like chiefs
Designer Brand
Funny how you can lose 3 offensive lineman and a coach to a off field tragedy and the the female ref is a Tom Brady fan who has a son name Brady lol you really think Andy Reid and the Chiefs wanted to be there. Mahomes and Watson are still better then cheating ass Brady
Dousy AOS
Dousy AOS 26 perccel
Nice joke buddy.
EliteDavid Horne
My Brady Prediction. Brady will have a mediocre next season. All the haters will come out saying the usual stuff. Like Brady is too old and he's past it. Season after that he'll prove his doubters wrong again and win another ring.
GD Trubactor
GD Trubactor 3 napja
I mean this is about his last year, he said he’s retiring at 45
JJ Mac
JJ Mac 4 napja
TM: Throw it again! Brady: Great idea! 😂
JJ Mac
JJ Mac 4 napja
Ive watched this 25xs and it just gets better every Tom FKN Brady Time!!! LFG!!!
Daylon Burks
Daylon Burks 4 napja
This Buccaneers team is what everyone thought the 2011 eagles dream team was gonna be
Übermensch Lussenhorf
Mahomes = Overrated system QB
Rocky Roadster
Brady kicked the holy crap outta the Chiefs. Mahomes was running around after the game and saying...I' don't know what happened.
Dislimb 4 napja
What a brutal beatdown. 👊
T W 4 napja
The Chief's OL replacement absolutely S.T.U.N.K. A.L.L. Game
Jim Power
Jim Power 4 napja
7:01 Watch the Honey Badger (#32) on the left. His arms spread wide "What are we doing?" says it all. Brady was Brady. Give him an inch, he will take a mile.
david craine
david craine 4 napja
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Sergio Pontanares Jr.
Sergio Pontanares Jr.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 4 napja
My man was running for his life out there His O-line was terrible
TheRobuxKing 4 napja
When you realize the only thing the chiefs won was the coin toss
Sonic The Hedgehog
Well that was a defeat for the Chiefs
Kevin Blake
Kevin Blake 4 napja
SEE IT'S the REF's!!!! The reffs did not draft some decent backups for the KC line to play when their starters get injured - GAME WAS RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!
GD Trubactor
GD Trubactor 3 napja
Guys chiefs fan here, don’t listen to these guys, yea there were a few shitty calls but it wasn’t totally fixed.
L m. Pmp Mkixa
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bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 4 napja
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Rylan Navarrete
Fun Fact the Buccaneers are the 7th wildcard team to win the super bowl
Gifu 4 napja
Patrick "Incomplete" Mahones
Scott B
Scott B 5 napja
Even the guy who put this video together is a GOAT hater lol
Diamond 5 napja
I miss football already football season should be longer
qt.ceasar Tiktok
Just in case y’all looking for the patrick mahomes diving throw 9:04 thank me later
Maverick 5 napja
Johnny Knoxville
Reminded me of superbowl 48 when us Broncos lost to the Seahawks
Goatriots 5 napja
It Could Have Been 38-9 If Bucs Did Not Kneel
someone 8923
someone 8923 5 napja
The chiefs offense is just mahomes playing by himself
Ashutosh Pai
Ashutosh Pai 13 órája
@Doodle Corner wdym?
Doodle Corner
Doodle Corner 4 napja
He relies on too few people on the offensive side to score him touch downs
Ultimate Zeno
Ultimate Zeno 5 napja
clifford yawn
clifford yawn 5 napja
Remember this name! MAC JONES. The New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints and some other team have talked to him Future GOAT
Klique 5 napja
Chiefs shouldnt have worn the red jerseys 😂😂😂
Danny Noyes
Danny Noyes 5 napja
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Jaime Ramirez
Jaime Ramirez 6 napja
Brady the best ever!! 7 MAHOMMES DADDY
Lucas Wald
Lucas Wald 6 napja
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 5 napja
Jags to win Superbowl LVI
jwill13 6 napja
This was our easiest win of the playoffs 😂😂😂
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 5 napja
as his team wins the sb.
ciccio ecologista
Escuseme where is the Covid ?!
Charming nowhere to hide
Patrick Mahomes getting the authentic Russell Wilson experience.
Luis4872 6 napja
To think that the 3 guys Brady recruited would all score a TD in the Super Bowl
There should a status of Brady passing a ball to Gron in both Tampa Bay & Boston.
James Hubacher
James Hubacher
Charming nowhere to hide
Another indignity lol!!
James Hubacher
Cameron McCormick
Ain’t it crazy to think Tom Brady has started on his 2nd infinity stone gauntlet
MojangMS 6 napja
What are they say at the beginning of the start? Red team something? Please tell me. I am new to teaching the rules of Madden :)
Knightmare750 6 napja
I used to disprove Brady as the goat cause I called him a system QB under belichick, but when you beat Bree's, Rodgers , and Mahomes in one playoff run at the age of 42 with a different team that used to be trash I can't possibly disprove of it anymore
Flaaf Gaming
Flaaf Gaming 7 napja
#ChiefsKingdom is nothing but frauds then again not bigger frauds than the Sh*tsburgh Squealers
Flaaf Gaming
Flaaf Gaming 6 napja
@Greenfield2034 no cap
Steelers have not won anything for 10 years...they are like Green Bay Packers - A contender? Yes. But both teams will never win the bowl with their fossil QBs.
cyburn twentytwelve
Jags to win Superbowl LVI
No Thanks
No Thanks 7 napja
Dang my chiefs lost that sucks! I’m goanna be a bucs fan now let’s go bucs!!!!!!!
GD Trubactor
GD Trubactor 3 napja
Lol ok bandwagoner! Don’t hit the door on your way out!
joshua taylor
joshua taylor 7 napja
man brady had some juice on that ball thrown to gronk .brady getting better and better
Glip Glorp
Glip Glorp 7 napja
10:05 that pass is crazy. If it were somewhere else he’d get call for grounding
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