Derek Carr's Best Throws From 435-Yard Game | NFL 2021 Highlights 

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Chad Shepard
Chad Shepard 5 napja
I'm so tired of people saying derek carr ain't an elite qb. Hes been throwing bombs for years now and will continue to do so. I think he's a mvp type qb. Go raiders
Jack Helton
Jack Helton 8 napja
Ravens fan and cowboys fan I’m disappointed in my teams
thevidsgroup 9 napja
Loved Carrs performance, he missed ruggs deep on one play but other than that he balled out for us this week! Can’t wait to see our offense against the stealers defense it’s gonna be another challenge but I think Carr has the weapons and drive to win another!
Angela Winkler
Angela Winkler 10 napja
Carr is one of the best in the league hands down
RelapseTheGod 10 napja
If you made a compilation of his bad throws in this game it would be longer than this video.
Steve Steele
Steve Steele 10 napja
Those passes to Edwards at the end were money.
Clegg Bancroft
Clegg Bancroft 10 napja
Derek Carr is a trained gun slinger.
Something 11 napja
MY QB🤷🏽‍♂️
Cameron Ermini
Cameron Ermini 11 napja
Can you believe they were going to trade this guy?! They wouldn’t have ever gotten what he’s worth and he just would’ve been a PB type guy for another team.
Ian Hill
Ian Hill 11 napja
2:26 That was the weirdest looking throw ive ever seen
frank hernandez
frank hernandez 11 napja
NEED to get running game going
C-Beezy 11 napja
He got that twinkle toes step back
J Allison
J Allison 12 napja
You know what’s crazy about Derek Carr? he’s been in the NFL for 8 years now. He’s never thrown more than 13 interceptions in a season.he’s played all 16 games except one year where he played 15. He has 172 career touchdowns , with 72 interceptions . That makes him 8th all time touchdown to interception ratio.he has 25 game winning drives for his career.a career completion percentage of 64% since he’s been in the league he has never played with a defense that ranked higher than 21st . as much as people try to say that he isn’t a good quarterback he actually isn’t as bad as people say he is. I’m not saying he’s top 3 but he’s certainly not bottom 3 either.
Carrie Posas
Carrie Posas 12 napja
Love Carr !!
ccenda 310
ccenda 310 12 napja
That 6:05 throw was 🔥🔥🔥
Davantae Herron
Davantae Herron 12 napja
Who else is watching Kolton work??🤔
SBC 12 napja
Pure Team Win!
Erlando Castillo
My Favourite Team Raiders Win
1776 Scalia
1776 Scalia 12 napja
Uce_Cheese 12 napja
Another comeback win for Derek Carr. #Clutch
Cappy 22
Cappy 22 12 napja
He's a beast 💪
KallmeAB 12 napja
Top 10 QB this season from a Colts fan
Roy W-G
Roy W-G 12 napja
They was a feeling early on that Gruden was not 100% sold on Carr, think he is now.
Taz Saalim
Taz Saalim 12 napja
KJ Lewis
KJ Lewis 12 napja
Henry ruggs iii has all that speed and can't get open
Silver and Black Rider Until Last Drive
That's my QB ♥️ #RN4L
maybach music group
D G 12 napja
Carr is a very serviceable QB. He's great. His last best player was Cooper. Give the man a legit weapon like Adam's or OBJ. Jacob's is a solid stud but need better WRs.
Robert M. 2021
Robert M. 2021 12 napja
Yeah waller his only ELITE guy to throw to but hes a tight end
Dan 1031
Dan 1031 12 napja
Top 10 quarterback for sure
Vibhav K
Vibhav K 13 napja
Cali __
Cali __ 13 napja
He has one good performance is his entire career lmao and mfs think he ain’t the problem he is the problem he can’t lead them to the playoffs and he never will 😂 if y’all really think dc4 is good y’all trippin on sum 🤡🤡🤡🤣
Bradley Stanley
Bradley Stanley 11 napja
He's thrown for over 500 yards before come on
pumasthebest19 13 napja
He has the most 4th quarter comeback wins yet you say he’s never done this?
BE C 13 napja
Nice start to the season for Carr. Let's see if he can keep this up. The jury is still out to some folks. I am a Carr fan and think he will have a good year.
Ja Ra
Ja Ra 12 napja
I'm a fan as well but I'd be lying if I didn't hate him when he has those moments(lobs) lol
Robert Olsen
Robert Olsen 13 napja
Twinkle Toes Carr! Great game!
Bob 13 napja
to bad there isnt a stat on interceptions that receivers let go thru their hands..Carr was awesome.
Timothy Tavares
Timothy Tavares 13 napja
Waller would've had 300 yards if he caught everything that went his way in that game.
Chloe Chen
Chloe Chen 13 napja
I'm sorry, what this game showed me is that the Raiders have to move on from Derek Carr if they have any desire at all to be a playoff team. Dude was throwing picks and getting sacked all game. The true story of this game was Baltimore's inability to seal the deal.
Hope Gota
Hope Gota 12 napja
@JD Is Love, JD Is Life you obviously know nothing about football to know derek has never had a defense, a decent couch give him the Buccaneers defense trust he will make playoffs
Hope Gota
Hope Gota 12 napja
@JD Is Love, JD Is Life bro lmfaoo you are so salty about that game shut ur deluded ass up
JD Is Love, JD Is Life
Agree with OP tho. Derek Carr has been Raiders starting QB since Obama was president, and he has *never* played in the postseason. Man is 30 and still waiting to make his playoff debut. In fact he might never get there. In what world is Carr an elite QB.
Robert M. 2021
Robert M. 2021 12 napja
@Hope Gota incognito out denzelle good injured for game. A trash center andre james. Kolton miller the only good lineman on that field
Greg Gillings
Greg Gillings 13 napja
Bad troll attempt💯
Gezicki 13 napja
Renfrow is just one of kind.
RipKobe 13 napja
I met a Raiders fan the other day he said he wasn’t excited for the season because he didn’t believe in Derek Carr THE STIGMA THAT CARR IS TRASH MUST STOP TODAY!!!!!!!
Chase Cassidy
Chase Cassidy 13 napja
Buddy out there throwing missiles.
Kevin Chatten
Kevin Chatten 13 napja
I wonder how much Gruden had to play in the first half. Obviously that first drive was legendarily bad and all on Carr. But it seemed like every audible was called before each play. Carr was constantly changing the scheme up
MSU Spartans
MSU Spartans 13 napja
This is the ravens D to me simply. Good but not nearly good enough. They like a B or B+ when you need to be a A. The simplest I can put it
MSU Spartans
MSU Spartans 13 napja
Much as I hate the raiders one thing they do have is a very good offense. And a lot of times it’s gonna require a elite defense. They have too much talent not to be good lol they have damn Renfroe in the slot. Ruggs as the speeder. Waller. Jacobs as the RB. U couldn’t not be good if u tried lol. And Grutin is a offensive mind
Robert Erlandson
Bryan Edwards is gonna have a breakout year
bruce lau
bruce lau 13 napja
Derek MCarr , wow what an incredible game from him, he's really underrated, and MCarr , it's like "where's my car" so a little word play
Meg Callum
Meg Callum 13 napja
Because of the economic crisis and rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money💯
Rickytang 94
Rickytang 94 12 napja
It the best to get hired cause no one workings
Marshal 45
Marshal 45 13 napja
Seeing a lot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy to get such positive reviews from his clients.
Claudia Robinson
I met mr Brian for the first time at a conference in Portsmouth, I invested £4,000 , traded for a month and got a profit of over £49,760
Ian Dave
Ian Dave 13 napja
This is the kind of info we don't get from most HUtownrs . I will get In touch with him right away. I'm really impressed
Dirty12 13 napja
@Chris sain Write him on what's Ap ⤴️
jojokiwi 13 napja
Keyshawn Johnson told no lie when he said Carr is elite.
Rickytang 94
Rickytang 94 12 napja
Red Planet
Red Planet 13 napja
Had volume off and actually forgot that it was Carr playing. He played at a different level. Great game.
House Head
House Head 13 napja
Carr's Helmet Drip, tho!
2Duv4Luv 13 napja
Good game. I don't think Lamar Jackson is gonna make it thru the season. He's running too much and taking some vicious hits. He scared me when he landed on his head.
Mark Snyder
Mark Snyder 13 napja
I thought they both look like college teams! Alabama could probably beat both of these teams! I think Derek car is a below-average quarterback! One of the sloppiest games I've seen in a long time!
Mark Snyder
Mark Snyder 13 napja
@Simon H he doesn't have the composer for the big games! They got lucky to get that win tonight!
Simon H
Simon H 13 napja
@Mark Snyder If the Raiders miss out it will be down to the D and rookie O-Linemen. Carr will play close to Pro Bowl level to keep them competitive.
A M 13 napja
@Mark Snyder keep trolling
Mark Snyder
Mark Snyder 13 napja
Car is not a very good quarterback I hate to tell you! You'll see by the end of the year when they don't make the playoffs again!
A M 13 napja
Way waaaaaay too obvious troll, nice try stupid.
Justin Everett
Justin Everett 13 napja
Lmao the refs tried so hard to let the ravens win and the raiders still won 😂😂😂😂
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g 13 napja
This will be a career year for Carr: 4300 Yards, 35 TDs. Raiders Defense legit might have a Pass Rush with Max and Nassib.
Baste God
Baste God 12 napja
Don't forget Yannick if he isn't injured. Maxx and Yannick were lights out
Bob 13 napja
17 game season now. 5k yards at least..wont be surprised if a qb this year hits 6k
Raid The Tape
Raid The Tape 13 napja
DC keeps this up and he’ll be back in them elite talks
Jon Day
Jon Day 13 napja
Elite throws man
Jesus Chrysler
Jesus Chrysler 13 napja
Raider fans are actually mad we won and Carr did great in the 2nd half and did what he does best come back to win.
Robert M. 2021
Robert M. 2021 12 napja
They shouldnt be mad they should be confused. This game was too crazy for sanity
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 13 napja
John Carl
John Carl 13 napja
Carr is a winner. Get him weapons a good defense and some stability in the organization and he can thrive.
Deaareon Morris
Deaareon Morris 13 napja
DC the 🐐
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 13 napja
Blapper 13 napja
Cares good but he gives u the biggest head aches ever… one of the best at comebacks (25) 2nd nfl history
JD Trent
JD Trent 13 napja
That's a good stat to point out. I bet alot of people aren't aware of that. Carr reminds me of Ryan Tannehill,they both are underappreciated.
Simon H
Simon H 13 napja
He always got the blame for the bad D. He will get the blame for the bad O-Line this year too 😁
Cristhian Quintero
6:05 !!!
DevastateOne 13 napja
Fukin Cannon!
Lee Prosper
Lee Prosper 13 napja
Most underrated qb in league. Smart throws. Perfect placement. Amazing situational awareness. Will scramble. You get it all with carr. His rapport with this wr core looks solid. Also I love when he plays mahomes. He tries to rise to the occasion every chiefs game lol
Reeyad Ali
Reeyad Ali 10 napja
Sometimes I see flashes of romo & stafford in the way he plays
plantfeeder 11 napja
And he tries pretty good
YouIn24Years 12 napja
Derek Carr owned Mahomes TWICE last year but the defense sold for the Raiders their second match up
Darth Nihilious dad
The Arm everyone was gauking at before Mahomes entered the league was Derek's! His issue was just that he had the back injury and his first year with Gruden, where he lost all his top receivers and was trying to learn Jon's complex system. He reminds me of Peyton Manning now. He still has some room for improvement though
J P 13 napja
Man I’m a Cowboys fan but damn Carr can slang that football. He looked like he stole Rodger mojo
ccenda 310
ccenda 310 12 napja
@Michael Jordan Best Player Ever. he ain’t bringing him down he’s just being honest 🤷‍♂️
Robert M. 2021
Robert M. 2021 12 napja
Dak is a great qb. He had a really good performance AND ALMOST BEAT. The defending super bowl champions
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever.
@Michael Martin Why you had to bring Dak down smh.They both Elite Qb just enjoy them while u can.
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 13 napja
I grew up a Cowboys fan and honestly wanted him to play for us. I'd take him over Dak any day of the week.
Von Zkünk
Von Zkünk 13 napja
E L I T E .
Brad Hester
Brad Hester 13 napja
Been telling y’all Carr is a baller
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma 13 napja
I've been trying to tell everyone this for a while now: Carr is a lot better than what people think. He's criminally underrated...
JD Trent
JD Trent 11 napja
@Parth Sharma That was the best Raiders team since the one they had that went to the Super Bowl when Rich Gannon won MVP.
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma 12 napja
@JD Trent Just like that 2016-17 season. It was unfortunate DC got injured that season. I felt horrible for him...
JD Trent
JD Trent 13 napja
It's because Gruden always wants the QB he doesn't have. Also, people just underrate everything the Raiders do because they've consistently underperformed for almost 20 years now. Would love to see them sneak into the playoffs this year.
Deez 13 napja
@J P that’s why James Jones always called Carr baby a-rod. The first couple seasons when he first got into the league I compared him to a mixture of both Brett favre and Aaron Rodgers.
urx7bad _
urx7bad _ 13 napja
So are his rookie cards
Exo Soundz
Exo Soundz 13 napja
This man is the definition of clutch holy hell man what a game.
The Sloke
The Sloke 13 napja
My fantasy football group chats all give me crap because I say he is a top 10-12 qb. He has the most 4th quarter comebacks than any qb since entering the league in 2014. They were literally saying he is poop all game and then drops 435 yards on the Ravens typically stout D with waller and bunch of young unproven wrs. He made some throws/calls that only a handful of guys in the league can make.
plantfeeder 11 napja
@RN 87 yes remember Stafford has an 8 year headstart on Derek for all these comebacks. Derek will eventually be 1st on that list.
The Sloke
The Sloke 13 napja
@RN 87 you would be correct on game winning drives tho.
The Sloke
The Sloke 13 napja
@RN 87 actually they both have 21, since 2014. I'm talking 4th qtr comebacks tho not game winning drives.
RN 87
RN 87 13 napja
Hes not great for fantasy because of the scheme but still solid
RN 87
RN 87 13 napja
Hes not top 12 Hes top 8... every year... Also Stafford has more but yes clutch AF Edit: "Entering the league" yes my bad
Atty's Thoughts
Atty's Thoughts 13 napja
This was a matchup between a throwing QB who can run a bit vs a running QB who can throw a bit
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 13 napja
@TomSoCaL4 Don't kid yourself. Carr's the better passer and Lamar's the more dynamic runner, but he's not in Carr's leagues as a passer just as Carr is no where near as great a runner as Lamar.
Jesus Chrysler
Jesus Chrysler 13 napja
@TomSoCaL4 lmao
Jonny Perez
Jonny Perez 13 napja
@TomSoCaL4 I think Lamar is a limited passer, but he’s so good at what he does that sometimes he can get away with it
Atty's Thoughts
Atty's Thoughts 13 napja
@TomSoCaL4 lol
TomSoCaL4 13 napja
Lamar can throw a lot, not a bit. He has a solid arm
Eric Cardona
Eric Cardona 13 napja
Lamar looked soooo disappointed losing to the Raiders.
Santosh Kumari
Santosh Kumari 12 napja
So ur saying the raiders suck
Telvin Kipapa
Telvin Kipapa 13 napja
Penny Omega
Penny Omega 13 napja
I was mad at him at times but he proved me wrong. Great game by him
It was just that first half, he was forcing way too many throws to Darren but once he settled down, he showed out
M R 13 napja
That was big time getting them into field goal range to tie game. Some power throws under pressure at end of game. Great QB.
Richard Laub
Richard Laub 13 napja
Carr was amazing on that 2 play drive. And don't forget, that was a hell of a kick by Carlson.
Carr had a bad first half but remember this is his preseason stuffed in 1 half .
Brad Lamb
Brad Lamb 12 napja
Yup. He didn't get a single preseason snap with a bunch of new linemen as well. I assume that's why the first half was awful
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 12 napja
There are several reasons that Carr wasn't having a great 1st half: defensive scheme, defensive backs making incredible plays, wide receivers not getting it done, and Derek not having Nelson Agholor. When they had Agholor, you couldn't double Waller, and Ruggs and Edwards HAVE NOT GOT IT DONE!!!!! They are still not good enough to replace Agholors production, and it's going to bite the Raiders in the ass for not bringing him back.
cool story bro
cool story bro 12 napja
it was more like first qt then he played good for four qt still lol
Maximus 13 napja
Your right, it took a first half to get out the rust. I was thinking the same thing, when I saw a few of his balls off target and a little high.
Rulis 13 napja
Carr haters can drop like dead bee's without stingers. #DC4 #WinCity #GoRaiders #RN4L
The Sloke
The Sloke 13 napja
They're still out there brother, trust me. I've been trying to change their opinions for years. He could throw for 800 yards and 7 tds but people will point out the plays he left on the field. Most 4th quarter comebacks, among qbs, since he came into the league as well.
Las Vegas Raiders Network
Great Game Derek Carr!!!
Tecnologizate Online
You announced it.
Matthew Duran
Matthew Duran 13 napja
One of my favorite HUtownr
BadassBarney 13 napja
Going to be a good year for the raiders
Melancholy Puppy
Ive been saying carr isn't the problem. Imagine Davante Adams shows up next year
Reggie Martinez
@EA I really believe it's going to be Edwards. Dude is gonna show up this year
@Miguel Nah, Amari was good, he just wasn't great yet when he played with Carr, NOW Cooper is one of the best in the league, has 92 catches and 1,100 yards in 2020 with 3-4 different QBs?? Wish they had kept Cooper and let him grow and improve
Anbu Kakashi
Anbu Kakashi 9 napja
Man we get Adam oh boy!
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 11 napja
I'd live Tae Adams on the Raiders but would much rather have a superstar defensive player instead.
plantfeeder 12 napja
You should be so lucky. If that happens I'll become a Raider fan
rcng086 13 napja
Is it me or is the throw at 3:10 a rocket of a throw?
The Sloke
The Sloke 12 napja
@Deez bro I have gotten so much crap for saying Carr is a top 10-12 qb, over the years, even last night. A friend of mine, who is more of a raider fan than me, still said after the game Carr needs to go. Im starting to agree, the raiders fans don't deserve him if they keep crapping on him year after year.
The Sloke
The Sloke 12 napja
@Deez I agree. Im surprised that 2nd throw to edwards in the 4th didn't know Edward's gloves off his hands. That ball had some serious gas on it.
Deez 13 napja
@The Sloke seriously bro. His arm talent he can do it all. I don’t know why he never gets any credit for having crazy arm talent.
Deez 13 napja
Carr has always had a great and strong arm. I’d say his arm talent is top 5 but he never gets love so you would never see him on anyone’s top 5 arm talent list.
The Sloke
The Sloke 13 napja
Carr has one of the best arms in the league and no one gives him credit for it. Dude made all kinds of throws fading back on his back foot with pinpoint accuracy. I have thought he is a top 10 qb for a long time. Just in a system that doesn't let him shine.
Joker Benfica
Joker Benfica 13 napja
Great game
Lil_ Nameless59 _
Chaney Houk
Chaney Houk 13 napja
What a game
Al Fa
Al Fa 13 napja
60% completion
Al Fa
Al Fa 13 napja
I’m rooting for em too if they lost like they almost did I wouldve blamed the qb play is what I guess I’m trying to say, onto the next one tho!
Greg Gillings
Greg Gillings 13 napja
@Al Fa if we win that's all that matters. Idc who the QB is just win! I'm a raider fan first. I am a fan of Carr and glad he is the QB of the Las Vegas Raiders. Can't wait to see how the season unfolds. If Carr can't get it done then we should move on from him. If he does get the job done i say resign him.
Al Fa
Al Fa 13 napja
In my honest fan opinion his accuracy lacks, the yards are from coach gruden play calls. His execution is C play at best his throws are B grade at best, good luck going far with that
Greg Gillings
Greg Gillings 13 napja
Lol oh so now the carr haters wanna bring in stats. I thought they didn't mean anything? Like Derek owning every raider QB record there is. All that matters is he played big when the chips were on the line. Obviously he needs to be more consistent, but the Ravens defense is legit so let's give them some credit here.
Jesus Chrysler
Jesus Chrysler 13 napja
100% when it mattered
Dee34th 13 napja
This game look very scripted ish...
ccenda 310
ccenda 310 12 napja
And it is Vegas so 🤷‍♂️
RN 87
RN 87 13 napja
Idk they missed so many calls on the Ravens though PIs and holds... trying to make it close for sure though
FunkenGruven 13 napja
That tin foil hat must be tighter than usual. So woke.
M R 13 napja
@Coach Sipping Jamba Juice Out Of A Straw two years in a row Raiders opening home game. Easy cash. Last year Saints this year Ravens 💵💰
Coach Sipping Jamba Juice Out Of A Straw
Well, all the games are rigged. I'm a Raider fan. If you want to talk scripts, I've seen this script for the Raiders numerous times. I called this game yesterday. Raiders would win but it'd be annoyingly close because they like to give Raider fans heart attacks.
Cesar Acosta
Cesar Acosta 13 napja
That’s my QB! *TO voice*
Raider Nation
Raider Nation 13 napja
Grayson Pitts
Grayson Pitts 13 napja
One of the most underrated qbs in the league
urx7bad _
urx7bad _ 13 napja
So is his rookie cards
Raider Nation
Raider Nation 13 napja
[Mr. Veebez]
[Mr. Veebez] 13 napja
How can you not like carr he continues to throw! Defense taken offense taken and continues to produce! This guy sheeeeeeesh!DC4
559bks 12 napja
@The Sloke your friend is a bum and a hater
Sean Belknap
Sean Belknap 12 napja
Them young tackles look good carr has time to throw finally
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 12 napja
@The Sloke Oh Hell Ya. Just thinking about Carr being a Saint just gave me the chills. He'd definitely win a few Superbowls with the Saints. Jameis would not be starting if Carr was on that team. You're right, most Raiders fans are idiots, and don't appreciate him. They're just a bunch of DUMNNNNNFRUCKS.
Von dee Gaming
Von dee Gaming 12 napja
@The Sloke jameis looks solid so far
Doomsday 13 napja
In Carr I Trust! RN4L 🏴‍☠️
Greendidit 13 napja
Yessir #RaiderNation
Father 13 napja
I always knew Carr was underrated, this game was great for him to step in the spotlight and show his ability
Robert M. 2021
Robert M. 2021 13 napja
@urx7bad _ smart
urx7bad _
urx7bad _ 13 napja
@Maximus no you don't get it. I'm telling you guys invest in his rookie cards while it still reasonable.
Maximus 13 napja
@urx7bad _ We get it dude, you have rookie cards that aint worth much. But you never know.
DK 13 napja
@RN 87 fax
urx7bad _
urx7bad _ 13 napja
So are his rookie cards
azashakl3 13 napja
incredible game from Carr, so underrated.
Hybrid 11 napja
Underrated? No Underappreciated
Gunner 12 napja
@urx7bad _ I know! I have a auto of his rookie card not even that much
urx7bad _
urx7bad _ 13 napja
So are his rookie cards
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
Derek Carr is a real QB Lamar ain’t
Brandon L
Brandon L 13 napja
B-DuBOfficial 13 napja
Lamar haters in full effect I see. He's not even in the video...
Literally God
Literally God 13 napja
He's a poor man's Mike Vick.
CWE Bed-Stuy
CWE Bed-Stuy 13 napja
Lamar can’t throw the ball at all.
Father 13 napja
elijah mccourtney
Sheesh!! What a performance by Carr!!
Major Carver
Major Carver 10 napja
@Not My Tempo he also played against the defending champs
Not My Tempo
Not My Tempo 11 napja
@Michael Jordan Best Player Ever. dak took that L though
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever.
Yup Carr a beast i was just saying tho
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever.
Dak was better tho and nobody praise Dak and Dak had a gruesome injury. Dak Had 403 yards and 3tds Vs the defended champs and No O.T
Yee Glizock
Yee Glizock 13 napja
Weird game I tell you lol footballs back baby
Tosh.0 Reddy
Tosh.0 Reddy 13 napja
Most underrated qb in the league
Jesus Chrysler
Jesus Chrysler 13 napja
@3rrr top 10 qb average lmao
RN 87
RN 87 13 napja
@3rrr no hes not wtf hes is top 10 like every year look at his stats all on bad raider teams
Literally God
Literally God 13 napja
@Hope Gota Bee?
3rrr 13 napja
Maybe on Mars. He's rated as average which is accurate
Hope Gota
Hope Gota 13 napja
edupbeat 13 napja
I bet parlay that Carr would throw for 300 plus and a raiders win! Came up huge tonight!!!
edupbeat 13 napja
@ruffbuff west it’s when you combine two bets, in my case the raiders win AND Carr throwing for 300yds
M R 13 napja
@ruffbuff west combine multiple bets into one bet ticket. You need all of them to win to cash it
ruffbuff west
ruffbuff west 13 napja
What is parlay? How do I get involved with parlay?
The Sloke
The Sloke 13 napja
Nice bet. It was a bold move with the Ravens D and inexperienced wide receivers out there.
M R 13 napja
Big winner! Nice job g
- 13 napja
Don't let this distract you from the fact that the Texans have more wins than the entire NFC North combined.
Ryan Lomberg
Ryan Lomberg 13 napja
Music Industry Drama
Still doesn’t change the fact they ain’t going to the super bowl
Ryan Lomberg
Ryan Lomberg 13 napja
DC4 is my hero 🏴‍☠️
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