Every Catch From Darren Waller's 105-Yard Night | NFL 2021 Highlights 

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rd711 Napja
Last one was Bryan Edwards.
Roberto Sanchez
As much as I hate watching Kelce play, he is definitely a mean tight end, as is Kittle. Waller ranks top 3 for tight ends in the league for me and I've been thoroughly enjoying watching his plays from last season to now. The dude is a freak out there who just puts in work.
Rifat Inqiad
Rifat Inqiad 9 napja
6'6 4.4 speed great hands and strength He's a freak
edgar santiago
edgar santiago 10 napja
thank you waller. won my week cause of you
ohbell 12 napja
God and Jesus are the only way, truth, and life!
ohbell 12 napja
God is great! Thank Jesus our Lord !
notgarrett 12 napja
People who got him in fantasy be ready, man had 19 targets this game. If carr can be accurate he’s putting up 50 this year
freddy and foxy
freddy and foxy 12 napja
He could have gotten almost 20 catches because he was targeted a lot
Abdallah Ahmad
Abdallah Ahmad 12 napja
Darren Walmart. Always open.
WoodsRoots 12 napja
I haven't seen one reroute on him. Even if he big and fast, it still gives the pass rush amenable time
thando cezula
thando cezula 12 napja
Quadoubled 12 napja
Thank gosh he’s in my fantasy
iunnor 12 napja
I like how the Raiders offense is basically “Throw to Waller, but don’t make it too obvious that’s all we wanna do.”
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 11 napja
And then you get burned by Renfrow the accountant lol
foxfire1112 12 napja
They almost sarcastically throw it to other people lol
edupbeat 12 napja
The ball has to be thrown PERFECTLY into his hands or else he’ll drop it! Did this SEVERAL times last night!
Andrew Sim
Andrew Sim 12 napja
just a little rusty. he gets open and when he’s warmed up he easily catches those
Luther Taylor
Luther Taylor 12 napja
Best NFL TE right now. If u dont think so, imagine Waller on the Chiefs (like Kelce) or the 49ers, another superbowl caliber team (like Kittle). no double and triple teams every snap. He winnin 1 on 1 against ANY defender. Matchup....Nightmare
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler 11 napja
@Luther Taylor just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️kelce was the 2rd highest run blocker and did have better hands but u right
Luther Taylor
Luther Taylor 11 napja
@Kaeden Wheeler i say hes faster than both, better pass catcher, and better blocker than kelce(Kittle gets the nod for blocking)...but that why i say best, but still....its just an opinion
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler 11 napja
@Luther Taylor he’s top 3
Luther Taylor
Luther Taylor 11 napja
@Kaeden Wheeler its just an opinion bruh. Jus one of many.
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler 11 napja
Not the best TE
Man of culture
Man of culture 12 napja
100 yards on 19 targets 😐
Matthew 18:18 King James Version 18 Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
Finley Jeanbatiste
Last year i had Andrews and he played nice for me and now i took Waller instead and it payed off
Tommy Smith
Tommy Smith 13 napja
I mean he only had like 40 targets
Christ Alone 89
Christ Alone 89 13 napja
Glad I picked him up for my fantasy team hes solid
Ghost 12 napja
Same bro carried me to a win
vick prakash
vick prakash 13 napja
The crazy part is he can be much better. him and carr need to be on the same page and he needs to secure the ball before he turns and goes. and yet best receiving TE in the league.
vick prakash
vick prakash 12 napja
@Shawn Christianson Kelce with out Hill, then he can prove it.
Shawn Christianson
I guess Kelce died. Waller and Kelce are the two best
Pierxn 13 napja
mans single handedly made me win my fantasy game
Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier
Same, I was down 18 points going into last night’s game.
I'm a "Special" Boy
They better not lose him. He is the Heart of that Offense
jkim0065 12 napja
As much as I dislike Gruden, I do give him kudos for picking him (Darren) up when he had the opportunity. We would be a very different team without him, and I'm sure the Ravens would be too.....
Thomas Latimer
Thomas Latimer 13 napja
The Goat!
ventrue 13 napja
waller with mahomes > kelce with mahomes waller is a beast literally a wr in a te body
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler 11 napja
@Shawn Christianson facts
Shawn Christianson
Stop disrespecting Kelce. No tight end in history is doing what he has done over the last 5 years. It’s not even close actually
bruce lau
bruce lau 13 napja
Incredible player so glad he broke out
Jim Doe
Jim Doe 13 napja
Next to Kelce Waller is the best TE in the league 👍
Jim Doe
Jim Doe 13 napja
@Curtis Warren Yeah, Kittle too. Once you get in the highest echelons it's hard to say definitively who's best.
Curtis Warren
Curtis Warren 13 napja
Kinetic K
Kinetic K 13 napja
It makes me mad that so many people overlook him. He’s one of the top 3 TE’s in the league right now.
Fred Thompson
Fred Thompson 11 napja
Top 2, and he ain't 2.
Aaron Seidl
Aaron Seidl 12 napja
Some dude in my fantasy league drafted Kittle and Waller back to back. PPR machines!!
playboifarti 12 napja
Easily. Been top 3 since he got his mind right
Random Dude1000
Random Dude1000 13 napja
@Anthony 3430 3. Kittle and Kelce r 1a and 1b
salamander337 13 napja
Got him in my fantasy team along with D. Cook & A. Ekeler. If he keeps showing up like this every weeks I think he will win me my fantasy league this year. 😅
Cookie Betts
Cookie Betts 13 napja
Birthday Boy!
Fans Be The Ref
Fans Be The Ref 13 napja
The questionable Edwards penalty that negated a Waller 1st down reception and eventually led to field position and a FG for Baltimore would have been a bigger difference maker had the game not gone into OT
Martin 13 napja
00.33 foster was open
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant 13 napja
Who better than Waller tell me
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant 13 napja
The best tight end and the nfl by far
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler 11 napja
@Jacion Bryant he was an average QB dude😂😂he only threw 4000 yards one time in KC and that was the year we drafted mahomes.
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant 11 napja
Alex was the number one pick over Aron also pro bowler those years
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler 11 napja
@Jacion Bryant kelce played with Alex smith and still put up numbers stop being dumb, dude just now made his name 2 years ago and soon to drop off
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant 11 napja
@Curtis Warren you disrespect
Curtis Warren
Curtis Warren 11 napja
@Jacion Bryant Waller is almost 30 and was a no name forever hold this L
Eric Sims
Eric Sims 13 napja
He will be a Hall of Famer when it's all said in done.
TheGoldenBoot 5350
TheGoldenBoot 5350 23 órája
Thats gonna be tough hes already 29 and doesn't have many career stats. Hope so tho
Luther Taylor
Luther Taylor 12 napja
@Man of culture Barry Sanders a HOF'er who retired early and played for a perennial loser so yea, it could happen.
Man of culture
Man of culture 12 napja
Not if he stays with the Raiders
Raider Nation
Raider Nation 13 napja
Best tight end in the league ‼️
Juice Loose
Juice Loose 9 napja
@Kaeden Wheeler IM A Niners Fan we Run and play action a lot and whoever is open gets it usual out of Deebo or George what is the Cheifs System ? George is great blocker in our run game and he’s a crucial part of it
Kaeden Wheeler
@Juice Loose can’t be the best if u can’t stay healthy 🤣🤣🤣. He put up 2 1000 yard seasons with check down Alex smith
Kaeden Wheeler
@Juice Loose 49ers system is about throwing to the tight end and running the football, why u think you see kittle against linebackers. Or whatever
Juice Loose
Juice Loose 11 napja
@Kaeden Wheeler Kittle was HURT last Year Bud and 2019 both of their stars was close with Kelce getting more targets with the best qb and Fire offense in the league predominantly Passing while 49ers Run ALOT
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler 11 napja
@Juice Loose Kelce has outplayed him 2 years in a row bud
Raider Nation
Raider Nation 13 napja
#1 TE
Who Me?
Who Me? 13 napja
Happy Birthday Waller!!
Macho Taco
Macho Taco 13 napja
What a stud
AHKREACTS 13 napja
Sorry top 3 te but he’s 3 if kittle played in pass happy offense like these 2 his stats would be thru the roof and I stamp that
AHKREACTS 13 napja
@Shawn Christianson you you saying when he healthy he is?
Shawn Christianson
Kittle can’t stay healthy. He’s not even in the conversation
Dahani Bernard
Dahani Bernard 13 napja
@Tuna No Crust he not lyin
AHKREACTS 13 napja
@Tuna No Crust 🧢
Tuna No Crust
Tuna No Crust 13 napja
lynnnuj Lorianne
tm8kd #vun.fyi
the patriot
the patriot 13 napja
Helluva game both teams !!!!!! Thank you !!! 🇺🇸
Nas Wavy
Nas Wavy 13 napja
Best TE in the league rn.
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler 11 napja
LMAOO casual
Ricardo Masvidal
Waller is making his case for best TE in the league now.
Kaeden Wheeler
@Kevin J He’s not a better receiving TD at all your very casual if you think that, kelce almost lead the league in receiving yards and he didn’t even play the last game lollll
Kaeden Wheeler
@Kevin J Also kelce blocks better not even a dedate, average more yards per game. Do I gonna say more?
Kaeden Wheeler
@Kevin J Dude is u dumb? Kelce broke the tight end record 2 times already 😂😂😂I don’t see Waller doing that, kelce has 5 1000 yards seasons. If you watch film which you don’t, you would know kelce is a better route runner.
Kevin J
Kevin J 8 napja
@Kaeden Wheeler If you think that's all I've said and think those are my only arguments I've made you clearly need to just learn to read better. Waller led all TEs and WRs in yards after the catch, and lead all TEs in contested catches. He also even had a higher catch percentage than Kelce last season. He's faster and he's taller. Literally every sign is pointing towards him being a better reciever and more of a mismatch. There is not one single statistic about route running out there, if you weren't such a biased Chiefs' fan and actually watched film on both, you'd see Waller has the advantage as a route runner too.
Kaeden Wheeler
@Kevin J He still played good with Alex smith. Gronk played with Brady so what does that mean?
elijah mccourtney
That’s why they gave him dat 3 yr 27mill contract
NOU GAMES 13 napja
Where's the Mark Andrews highlights? Oh yea forgot Lamar sucks too much to throw it to his TE
Shawn Christianson
Honestly though I was working so I didn’t get to see the game. However I looked down at my fantasy team and Andrews had 5 points late in the 4th. That’s just awful against a crappy Raider secondary
Tommy Smith
Tommy Smith 13 napja
You don’t sound bright at all still pushing that false narrative. Lamar had zero time to drop back yet had a higher qbr and completion percentage then Carr. Carr threw the ball damn near 60 times foh.
Charod Pettaway
Charod Pettaway 13 napja
Ryan Lomberg
Ryan Lomberg 13 napja
He’s a beast
LUCKY CLICK 100M views
Raiders colors are cool, they look like starship troopers.
We The North
We The North 13 napja
PPR machine
Doomsday 13 napja
Best tight end in the NFL! RN4L 🏴‍☠️
Curtis Warren
Curtis Warren 13 napja
Kittle is better
Ryan Lomberg
Ryan Lomberg 13 napja
Almost he’s so close but not yet. Lfg Raiders ⬜️⬜️⬛️⬛️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
BE C 13 napja
Waller is a baller.
Arkham _Raider
Arkham _Raider 13 napja
Waller the Baller doing his thing 🔥
I Believe the Creator over all
I'm number 8
Ron Windsor
Ron Windsor 13 napja
no one is guarding that this year
Qmb31 13 napja
Is carr better than Lamar or nah?
Tuna No Crust
Tuna No Crust 13 napja
Carr can actually throw which is kinda important for a QB 😂😂
the patriot
the patriot 13 napja
They both had a great game !!!!!! 🇺🇸👍😎
Ryan Lomberg
Ryan Lomberg 13 napja
Yes because he can throw better and all Lamar Jackson does is be a rb as a qb.
BadassBarney 13 napja
@GSANAKE this translate to English thing just ain't it chief
Raider Purge
Raider Purge 13 napja
Carr is more clutch
BotBoiP 13 napja
matasuki 13 napja
That last catch was very Edwards SMH
foxfire1112 12 napja
I like how they fade it out quickly like we didn't notice
azashakl3 13 napja
Incredible player, so happy he finally broke out.
Bryan Velasquez
Bryan Velasquez 12 napja
He broke out his first year
Deepak Jacob
Deepak Jacob 13 napja
Thank god he’s on my fantasy team
Hometown Girl n' Curls
Mine too!! Won my match up because of him.
Bonnor Bassidy
Bonnor Bassidy 13 napja
Same he came In clutch tonight I needed 15 and got more 🤪
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