Every Touchdown Scored in Week 1 | NFL 2021 Highlights 

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Casey Magee
Casey Magee 16 órája
I liked these videos better when you went by chronological order for each TD
Philly Eagles For Life
What a way for week one to end with a gw touchdown in OT🙏🙏
Shakiem Jean Joseph
Glad that football is Back with Touchdowns
Tobias Ballester
God Bless! Jesus loves you all! Jesus died for your sins! He got what we deserve so that we can get what He deserves!! Jesus wants a relationship with you! Thanks for sharing
Tony Jaramillo
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Oh Sabur
Oh Sabur 9 napja
I think you guys made a mistake. You showed the Saints touchdowns but not the Packers.
That first Jacksonville touchdown was NICE!
Will Rouse
Will Rouse 9 napja
Trevor Lawrence
JOHN NGO 9 napja
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Jesse Lund
Jesse Lund 10 napja
Every 3rd completion was a touchdown in the first half for Russell Wilson
r2 d2
r2 d2 10 napja
5:00 am I the only who thinks that pass is incomplete
Week 1 was very interesting, I'm excited for week 2 let's go.🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
Fcxoxo Xoxotruefighter
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Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang 11 napja
No Falcons fans are watching this. Bet.
steelakejake 11 napja
which teams didn't score a tuddy?
Branded McGowan
Branded McGowan 11 napja
Packers and falcons
Wendy Fisher
Wendy Fisher 11 napja
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jeffminchew69 12 napja
Go Texans
Man W So
Man W So 12 napja
Conclusion: every team had its highlights, except our Bears, the only one was a fumble, lol!
Sharky 12 napja
Could you display the names of the scoring players and their number?
Desean Gibir
Desean Gibir 12 napja
The catch by Christian Kirk over the shoulder was pretty
Coppen Daitems
Coppen Daitems 12 napja
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Occams OX
Occams OX 12 napja
I’ll say this. I’m a Steelers fan. That LA Endzone looks really slick.
Jimmy Catalina
Jimmy Catalina 12 napja
If ever there was a perfect name for a football player, it would be Gainwell.
CeeWorld 12 napja
Man Winston threw enough TD passes for three teams lol.
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson 12 napja
As a packer fan... I have a feeling the team will get hot around weeks 8-10... I'm also thinking we get a 2 or 3 seed while competing for the 1 seed
The49ers 2000
The49ers 2000 12 napja
My Niners final score should have been 41-17 final but as usual we messed up bad and almost lost the F*** game !!!!!!!
Branded McGowan
Branded McGowan 11 napja
That's the reason why the coach is named Kyle Shanahan, a reputation of blown leads.
Christian Swanger
Anyone else ever wonder what would happen if you put cmc on the chiefs? See what kind of havoc him and mahomes would create
Sludge 12 napja
Didn’t cole beasley catch anything this week?
Tayo39 12 napja
....and man the receiving talent which entered the league in the last 2, 3 years is insane
Imre Splamming
Imre Splamming 12 napja
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Jimmy Catalina
Jimmy Catalina 12 napja
what is the deal with you people?
Tayo39 12 napja
the dual QB attacks are upon us guys...its about to get wild(er)
hesolitty._ 12 napja
16 mins of touchdowns? Nice
HTownHype 12 napja
Not gonna lie, the Texans surprised the hell out of me in week one.
HTownHype 11 napja
@Jimmy Catalina Are those really the betting odds for the Texans to win it all right now???
HTownHype 11 napja
@DavisFan 56 Honestly, Its gonna depend on how we play against the Browns this Sunday in Cleveland. If we can manage to knock them off, then yes, we are actually looking solid.
Jimmy Catalina
Jimmy Catalina 12 napja
At 300-1 to win the Super Bowl.
DavisFan 56
DavisFan 56 12 napja
What happened in that game was supposed to be the opposite. I’m convinced Texans will no longer be the worst team tho I’m not sure what the rest of the season is gonna look like for them, and that Jacksonville will be the worst NFL team again this year
Devin Kearse
Devin Kearse 12 napja
Awesome ...
TBtampabay20 12 napja
Bears/Rams Sunday Night Football intro hutown.info/base/vide/z6Of1KWmeJzBhJI.html
Dakshesh Thackar
seahawks seem like their playing in their own stadium
Joker06 12 napja
Football is back baby!
Hunter Thomas
Hunter Thomas 13 napja
lol i laughed when all i saw was saints scores not packers
Ashton G
Ashton G 13 napja
I’ve been waiting for this videos all year long.
Biostalker420 13 napja
The NFL is personna non grata.
Ramirez Viveros Isaid Adonay
do you know where i can see the TD of Green Bay of the week?
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 13 napja
Just everything in this NFL season 2021!🏈🏈🏈
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 13 napja
haneame03 13 napja
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DrugStoreCowboy 13 napja
Kyler Murray might be the most fun player to watch in the NFL
@Andrew Boyce you misspelled deez Nutz. I’ll forgive you
DrugStoreCowboy 10 napja
@Andrew Boyce you misspelled deez Nutz. I’ll forgive you
Andrew Boyce
Andrew Boyce 10 napja
Oh you misspelled Patrick Mahomes. I'll forgive you.
Gater J
Gater J 13 napja
That Atlanta Falc....oh wait..... nevermind..I'll be back next week.
Cactus Trav
Cactus Trav 13 napja
I’m so happy football is back 😌
kinglugh 13 napja
you guys forgot the packers.........ohhh wait
UWalvern0810 12 napja
I guess the Packers (and Falcons) just forgot to score. 😂
ThatGuyAron 13 napja
Teddy two stiff arm.
Panda Bro
Panda Bro 13 napja
I wish they did these like they first started doing them, where they are based on when the touchdown happened instead of the whole game’s touchdowns
Jonathan Frimerman
Falcons and Packers were the only teams to not score a TD in week 1
Seadrip 13 napja
As a bears fan, I'm ok with this
ThatGuyAron 13 napja
Packers are just tanking
Tyree Collins
Tyree Collins 13 napja
Falcons & Packers never score a touchdown in opening game 😂
Tyree Collins
Tyree Collins 13 napja
My saints with Jameis Winston threw 5 touchdown passes. I’m very impressed.
Zu Su
Zu Su 12 napja
Adrian Slesarchuk
@Tyree Collins yeah and not only that, Jameis Winston 5 td passes… that’s not exceptional
Tyree Collins
Tyree Collins 12 napja
@Adrian Slesarchuk they can’t stop the run
Adrian Slesarchuk
@Tyree Collins it’s not only Rodgers, it’s the packers defense
Tyree Collins
Tyree Collins 12 napja
@Adrian Slesarchuk Rodgers just don’t care. He wanted to leave 😂😂
Christopher C
Christopher C 13 napja
Thumbs up to Jacksonville painting their end zones with the Saints logo.
Christopher C
Christopher C 13 napja
Still on the game by game and not by chronological order...
lil Snuff
lil Snuff 13 napja
Why does it seem like all the teams are going way harder this year?!? Every single team fought back, I’m excited for this season that’s forsure!
TheUglyEvee 13 napja
The 9 dislikes are from greenbay fans
O Mada
O Mada 13 napja
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Jimmy Catalina
Jimmy Catalina 12 napja
what is the deal with you people?
bruce lau
bruce lau 13 napja
Truly tho what a helluva week , it was great to see fans back in NFL stadiums , we truly did missed them a lot last season and it’s just awesome
Terence Wright
Terence Wright 13 napja
The NFL is back baby!!
Rafael Bruce
Rafael Bruce 13 napja
I'm so excited to see the fans are back. The Saints, Cardinals and 49ers scored the most touchdowns in week one with 5 each. Seahawks are behind them with 4. I'm happy with that.
Brian Borek
Brian Borek 11 napja
Lions also with 4
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia 12 napja
Eagles also got 4
Alex J.
Alex J. 12 napja
Go Cards!
layitdownn2009 13 napja
The Saints to out the trash against the Packers
THE GOD BOX 13 napja
Hibraim García
Hibraim García 13 napja
Number of TD per division: • AFC East: 6 Dolphins 2 Jets 2 Patriots 1 Bills 1 • AFC West: 13 Raiders 4 Chiefs 4 Broncos 3 Chargers 2 • AFC Nort: 12 Steelers 2 Bengals 3 Browns 4 Ravens 3 • AFC South: 11 Texans 4 Colts 2 Titans 2 Jaguars 3 • NFC East: 10 Eagles 4 WFT 1 Giants 2 Cowboys 3 • NFC West: 18 Rams 4 49ers 5 Cardinals 5 Seahawks 4 • NFC Nort: 9 Vikings 3 Lions 4 Bears 2 Packers 0 • NFC South: 11 Saints 5 Buccaneers 4 Panthers 2 Falcons 0 • AFC 42 • NFC 48 What a 1st week
DBH 13 napja
Thanks for the breakdown!
Pittsburgh Steelers
Nfc west nahhhhh
Elias Gonzalez
Elias Gonzalez 13 napja
Wow, already 90 tds, cool and interesting ig
ThatGuyAron 13 napja
Nfc got a weak schedule 😂 afc is the ones stomping ass. Gonna be close to raiders,denver and chiefs to make number 1
sergeontheloose 13 napja
Wow, NFC West is nasty. Head and shoulders above everybody else.
Joogle83 13 napja
still one of my favorite scoring in Sports it was great to have fans
Nas The Goat
Nas The Goat 13 napja
Tyler locket got me weak calling holding on the defense then declining the penalty 😂😂😂
MR MARZ 13 napja
NFC NORTH are the real losers of week one.. the whole division took a L... Sucks. Go Bears
Christopher C
Christopher C 13 napja
Assuming the mantle from the NFC East. By sheer coincidence, the bulk of the their non-conference games are against the AFC North- who the NFC East had last season.
EnderBow 13 napja
Can we do the touchdowns in order It’s better
Christopher C
Christopher C 13 napja
That way, you can get the late game TD's of early games that coincide with early TD's of late games.
Tyrell Schoolfield
Was it me or was nfl week 1 OUTSTANDING!! Good to see crowd energy back and better than ever. Sucked seeing my patriots loss but it's football and I have to deal with the losing just like the othe 31 nfl teams
Zu Su
Zu Su 12 napja
Tyrell Schoolfield
@Chris Malinowski Don't worry, the patriots will be 1-1
layitdownn2009 12 napja
😲 😱 😲 😱 OMG
Chris Malinowski
Fellow pats fan here. Pain
JustaKid 13 napja
Greatest Week of Season Opener. Playoffs atmosphere, and fans back in the stadiums🔥
Yuh boi Eli
Yuh boi Eli 12 napja
Christian Chapman
Cardinals aren’t messing around anymore 😮‍💨
Tayo39 12 napja
that KR/PR/QB is a problem already...imagine Arizona bringing home both the NBA & NFL trophys
Людмила Русинова
b34kc #vyn.fyi
HT82 Smash
HT82 Smash 13 napja
What a Week 1. Football is definitely back!
GrievousOne 13 napja
The moment you realize the Jets scored more points than the Packers and Falcons combined.
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf 7 napja
The sad thing is, as a Packers fan, I predicted that the Packers would look like the '99 49ers. Sometimes, I hate being right.
Nice lol
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 9 napja
@E Ardlow i dont care about you having an existential crisis over something you have no control or impact over anyways.
Holybacon *PRO*
@E Ardlow the moment u realize that nobody cares about ur opinion
Orbitz On Xbox
Orbitz On Xbox 11 napja
The moment you realize the lions scored 11 times the amount of points than the packers
Zach Lee
Zach Lee 13 napja
Brady's arm looks stronger than it did last year
OneBucPerson 13 napja
That Raiders and Ravens game started off like a comedy of errors to begin with but then turned entertaining down the stretch.
r2 d2
r2 d2 10 napja
I stopped watching the raiders game and then saw what happened later lol shoulda watched it all
Banana Grapes
Banana Grapes 13 napja
🍌 It Was Absolute Bananas 🍌
layitdownn2009 13 napja
Let's go Las Vegas
Oriza Sativa
Oriza Sativa 13 napja
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Dk Xiong
Dk Xiong 13 napja
Not a Packer in sight 😭😂
Alessandro Ravagnati
What about Justin Jefferson? Ah, yeah, right.
James 13 napja
Kyler is throws to Hopkins & Kirk a thing of Beauty 👀👀👀🔥🔥🔥
Tom Brady burner
@alejandro arvizu I'm a dolphins fans But a Brady fan anime boy
alejandro arvizu
@Tom Brady burner a fan complimenting the team he's a fan of. Who what of thought? You're probably a band wagon fan anyways
Tom Brady burner
Your a cards fan ofc you say that....but go off then
Shilts 13 napja
As a Packers fan, it's hilarious that we are only featured in this video from when we gave up touchdowns
:com€back: - #2
Just remove the L in your name and that's what the packers are
otis duckett
otis duckett 11 napja
3pts.........just 3. No touchdowns. 0.......
Jimmy Catalina
Jimmy Catalina 12 napja
@Eli Hayes what is it about?
Elijah Nakumura
Elijah Nakumura 12 napja
Any publicity is good publicity I guess lol
anandguruji83 13 napja
Every Touchdown Scored in Week 1
Ryan Lomberg
Ryan Lomberg 13 napja
@anandguruji83 ?
anandguruji83 13 napja
Every Touchdown Scored in Week 1
Sports311 13 napja
It’s great to see fans in the stands enjoying football again. That’s what was missing last season
Zu Su
Zu Su 12 napja
ruffbuff west
ruffbuff west 13 napja
@Joogle83 thankfully I know you are being sarcastic
ruffbuff west
ruffbuff west 13 napja
@Joogle83 😂😂😂😂
Joogle83 13 napja
thats what happens when a worldwide Pandemic happens thank goodness for Vaccines and Democrat leadership
Matt Folse
Matt Folse 13 napja
Umm they forgot the Pack…..oh wait 😅 Who dat!
Branded McGowan
Branded McGowan 11 napja
@9/10 TimesMyCommentsROffensive but will still make the playoffs. Oh and did we smack Tampa by the same score last year?
Matt Folse
Matt Folse 13 napja
@9/10 TimesMyCommentsROffensive name checks out 😂
9/10 TimesMyCommentsROffensive
Packers will finish first in their division, Saints won’t
Trevin Hargers
Trevin Hargers 13 napja
Great start to the season
BE C 13 napja
That's a lot of touchdowns for week 1. Great start to the NFL season!
Tyrell Schoolfield
@layitdownn2009 me too
layitdownn2009 11 napja
@Tyrell Schoolfield I hope we can meet sometime
layitdownn2009 11 napja
@Tyrell Schoolfield I watched the Saints @ Panthers Week 2 Game Preview
layitdownn2009 11 napja
@Tyrell Schoolfield AWESOME
Tyrell Schoolfield
@layitdownn2009 yeah we can be friends
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