Justin "Soldier" Fields First TD! 

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Justin Fields scores his first NFL career touchdown. The Chicago Bears take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season.

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Ali Damani
Ali Damani 11 napja
Matt nagy has to be fired. He will ruin Fields's development if given the chance like he ruined Trubisky.
Randy Talltree
Randy Talltree 12 napja
Let's wait till he's a bonafide ProBowler before the nicknaming. They already calling my squad's QB2 Trey Area....I'm like "what?" Prove your self by half season mark first. You know what rook deserves a nickname? Zach Wilson. He shocked many people even though he lost.
BROK 13 napja
*He could be a Top 5 QB next year if the Bears commit to him learning on the bench for most of the year. Unfortunately Bears fans have zero patience and want to ruin him by starting him now.*
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 13 napja
We need a new coach so he doesn’t taint Justin fields development
Steven Ellington
Should’ve kept him in the whole time
Tadicuslegion78 14 napja
Matt Nagy: Nice play kid...out you go now
Brandon Brock
Brandon Brock 14 napja
matt nagy is such a failure of a coach. there have been so many games where his playcalling is the reason why the team lost.
Malik Jackson
Malik Jackson 12 napja
@Benz Zehn he’s okay he’s not taking josh Allen spot tho he ain’t on his level
Malik Jackson
Malik Jackson 13 napja
I wouldn’t say failure he’s okay he got y’all to the playoffs twice with Mitchell at QB so that’s something 🤷🏾‍♂️
austin s.
austin s. 14 napja
Name him as the starter already.
Ethan French
Ethan French 14 napja
Winston, Wilson, and Fields are looking good this year! I wasn't expecting anything out of Winston
Abd Alabdallat
Abd Alabdallat 14 napja
START THIS MAN, NOT THAT ANDY 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤡🤡🤡 Who can't throw more that 9 yards on one play and moves like my grandpa 🤬🤬🤬 #StartJustinFields
Full Hero Manga
Full Hero Manga 14 napja
Soldier Fields is a cold ass nickname
jojokiwi 14 napja
Brooooo Matt Nagy is such a bum how many QB' switches has he done? dude has no clue what he's doing..
The J Smoove
The J Smoove 12 napja
@BROK nope he ruined him too. Watch when Mitch gets his chance, he's actually going to look decent. Not a stud but decent.
BROK 13 napja
@William Xiong I can tell you he definitely didn’t ruin Trubisky because Trubisky already sucked
William Xiong
William Xiong 14 napja
He will find a way to ruin Fields and Fields know it.
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 14 napja
Bears lost because they didnt keep Fields out there.
BROK 13 napja
@Jose Sanchez I’m not disagreeing that Fields would’ve given them a better chance to win. But he wouldn’t have been the difference between winning and losing this game.
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 13 napja
@BROK you do know Fields would be working the offense right? Stafford beat the defense but Fields could have given the Bears a better chance to win the game. Im not saying Stafford played bad. Im saying Fields could have actually put the work against the Rams defense by adding an extra element to their game. That would be his legs.
BROK 13 napja
No, Bears lost because Stafford kept beating on them
raul lopez
raul lopez 14 napja
No bears lost cause pace hasn’t done anything about our CBs. Literally we went in with jaylon johnson and thats it. Also hasn’t done much for our o line
NoXp3rt 14 napja
At least us bears fans has some bright spot during this horrid game. Let's go Fields!
Juggie Bonebrain
How is this a can't miss play? It's just a QB scrambling to the TD
elite manning_2-0
a rookie qb, what did the starting qb do again? hmmmm.... lol
Kendric Clark
Kendric Clark 14 napja
bc he’s a rookie
Rius Franco
Rius Franco 14 napja
This might go unnoticed but I’m an up & Coming Artist worth the listen 🎧 😈
Tommy Watts
Tommy Watts 14 napja
Future MVP‼️
Ezra Blades
Ezra Blades 14 napja
One problem from Justin. He's taking away fantasy value from my david montgomery
raul lopez
raul lopez 14 napja
No he is not
Aldrin Juco
Aldrin Juco 14 napja
If he’s a fulltime starter, it might work better for monty..
Devante Marshall
Fields starting soon. Just let him shine.
Scotty Smith
Scotty Smith 14 napja
The one lone bright spot! Please please please fire Nagy and Pace. For Fields sake!
Shark Man
Shark Man 12 napja
We just gonna ignore our god awful secondary?
Andy G
Andy G 14 napja
Montgomery was bright spot #2 but yes I agree. Fire Nagy
Evangelio Rodriguez
Nagy should get fired 😡
bam2xl14 14 napja
So basically Mitch T repeat
John T
John T 14 napja
How he a bust
Cole World
Cole World 14 napja
Lamont Taylor
Lamont Taylor 14 napja
We lost 2 offensive lineman and have no depth at the position.
Todor Mitrović
Todor Mitrović 14 napja
@raul lopez Pace doing something is just a utopia.
raul lopez
raul lopez 14 napja
@John Samos or maybe pace should actually do something about it and not just let it be like he has with our CBs we have Johnson and then no one
John Samos
John Samos 14 napja
Should keep fields benched all year then if that’s the case
TBtampabay20 14 napja
Bears/Rams Sunday Night football intro hutown.info/base/vide/z6Of1KWmeJzBhJI.html
WouldAnyoneElse LikeToBeHeard
Dalton=loss for BEARS
BROK 13 napja
Fields wouldn’t have made a 20-point difference. Stafford straight-up torched their defense all night.
elite manning_2-0
@raul lopez lol you lost because he had zero TD's put in fields
raul lopez
raul lopez 14 napja
Casual spotted. We lost cause pace hasn’t done anything to actually have decent CBs after jaylon.
WouldAnyoneElse LikeToBeHeard
@Benz Zehn …at this yes. Sb winning qb. Field’s need to sit and learn for 2
Lamont Taylor
Lamont Taylor 14 napja
We don't have no good defense of tackles and the secondary is not good.
Drugula 14 napja
Sad bear fans have to see this inept head coach out there again hope he doesnt screw fields up
Joel Fernandez
Joel Fernandez 13 napja
Facts, Nagy needs to get the hell outta Chicago. Fields needs to stay away from him. 🔥
EGGS 13 napja
yeah hopefully he'll be gone by next year
Nоt RickRоll 👇 o
J.B GamingTv
J.B GamingTv 14 napja
The top 4 Rookie QBs scored a touchdown today
bruce lau
bruce lau 14 napja
Start fields PLEASE CHICAGO BEARS !!!!
Jeffrey Abbey
Jeffrey Abbey 14 napja
But the Giants passed... What a joke
Tricia Thompson
Tricia Thompson 14 napja
Wish ramsey was in his path lol
Aaron Schaffer
Aaron Schaffer 14 napja
So he too could've got his ankles taken too? 😉
Shawn D. Dawkins
He will be good.
Riya Shah
Riya Shah 14 napja
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 14 napja
By my calculations 31 NFL teams passed up on Justin Fields because one day this man will lead the bears to a superbowl .. trust me I've been there time travel is a very real thing
Alabaster Pringles
@UnoFromPluto I feel sorry for your mom.. not you but her because how do you let this happen 😂
Carl The One
Carl The One 14 napja
it's time to take your meds, old man
UnoFromPluto 14 napja
Bro what wasnt he like 11th overall lmao
Deep Purple 98
Deep Purple 98 14 napja
A 9 yard rush holy mackerel that was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! Get the bust ready for Canton!
Robert M. 2021
Robert M. 2021 14 napja
This means all 5 rookie qbs from the first round have scored today! Wow
James Black
James Black 14 napja
Special talent in this group top to bottom. Possibly the best QB class since 04.
Nоt RickRоll 👇 o
Andrew Rispoli
Andrew Rispoli 14 napja
David Tran
David Tran 14 napja
As long as the bears fire Ryan pace and Matt Nagy. Fields will have a great career
Finn The Human
Finn The Human 14 napja
This "Solider" Fields nickname is 100% co signed by anyone with half a brain .. it's perfect
daffie 13 napja
@Jazbo_14 fr, he was also nicknamed iron man in college cuz every time he took big hits or got hurt in college or even high school, he would come back or play through it and act like he never even got injured, the soldier nickname is perfect for him
Hai Voai
Hai Voai 14 napja
Jazbo_14 14 napja
And the hears are thinking about moving out 😆
BasedTim 14 napja
Facts also that playoff game he played against clemson and threw 6 TDs while injured makes him a soldier
Zyst 14 napja
@Joel Fernandez REALLY???😦
JayFPM 14 napja
The end zone turf is such an eyesore lol
Kenny B
Kenny B 14 napja
Bro start him 😭 his running ability is key and he can throw a rocket 🔥💯
Pac Key
Pac Key 14 napja
And so it begins....
BananaPunch Gaming
andy dalton is doomed 💀
BananaPunch Gaming
btw im a eagles fan so i dont really care
Brandon Brock
Brandon Brock 14 napja
Dalton was the least of the problems. the short-medium passes were working and so was running the ball but then Nagy would make a really stupid playcall and ruin it. way too many empty possessions early in the game cost us. yeah the defense is bad but this loss was 100% on Nagy.
elite manning_2-0
nah that trash coach gonna keep him, he rather give more time to a white qb that cant score a td... smh
Lee Gilmore
Lee Gilmore 14 napja
"soldier fields"? Classic..😂
Bodhi Halsmith
Bodhi Halsmith 14 napja
future nfl bust. don’t remember any ohio state QBs doing well in the nfl 😂
BROK 13 napja
I don’t remember any Alabama QBs doing well either, so going by that logic, Mac Jones will be a future bust
20 16
20 16 14 napja
@That Guy Donny missing the point idiot
Nosa Uzamere
Nosa Uzamere 14 napja
@That Guy Donny missed the whole point but ok
Nosa Uzamere
Nosa Uzamere 14 napja
What???? What does past OSU Qb’s gotta Dow it’s fields that’s like saying Herbert is a future bust😂😂😂
Panamaican -
Panamaican - 14 napja
I wonder how Andy Dalton feels rn
Brandon Brock
Brandon Brock 14 napja
Won’t matter if Nagy is calling plays.
Robert M. 2021
Robert M. 2021 14 napja
Connor Miller
Connor Miller 14 napja
The first of many! Way to go Justin!
Michael Mentality
Title is cringe
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 14 napja
Nagy like no we are good we must let papa Reid take it all
14 napja
ZimmFor3 14 napja
Start Justin Fields button
Joel Fernandez
Joel Fernandez 14 napja
Thats my QB!!!!! Bears fans, we got a stud!! 🐻⏬
elite manning_2-0
@Millzify one game where he had like 5 min of play time and did more than the starting qb....he did better than all the rookie qb's
3rrr 14 napja
@Millzify one that they're not even winning...
Millzify 14 napja
Its only been one game...
Zayy B
Zayy B 14 napja
Start him next week
Big block 472
Big block 472 12 napja
@Benz Zehn No, the D doesn’t want Nagy.
The white devil from The Bible
Gave a like just for the profile pic 💯
Big block 472
Big block 472 14 napja
Why? Fix the D FIRST.
D Thomas
D Thomas 14 napja
@Jungle Jack let the kid gets some burn 🔥
Jungle Jack
Jungle Jack 14 napja
Nah I’d rather play Dalton. The Bengals can beat him for sure
BEARSRULE 14 napja
Go bears
SalmonCashew 14 napja
Joel Fernandez
Joel Fernandez 14 napja
AKC Gaming
AKC Gaming 14 napja
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