Top 15 Plays of Week 1 | NFL 2021 Highlights 

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Seeing Washington being in a video where they aren't getting humiliated puts a smile on my face
stickyglue123 6 napja
Where is Tyrod Taylor's throw to Cooks?
IdontakeLskid 7 napja
3:32 manz just gave up
JMAY 8 napja
McLaurin catch and the other locket catch were way better than most of these plays
Jaden Hance
Jaden Hance 8 napja
the chiefs number 2 play should be number one
JN M 8 napja
What is impressive about the n. 15? ARod literally threw the ball to defender's hands
Suyeon Im
Suyeon Im 8 napja
The instinctive catamaran obviously gather because fireman corroboratively step along a grotesque clutch. erratic, harsh army
Tony Patrón
Tony Patrón 8 napja
Lol disrespectful to claypools catch
iTzChamp 8 napja
That play by hill wasn’t even good😂😂😂 he adjusted big deal😂🤦🏻‍♂️ How bout Diotae Johnson’s play and Claypool mossing white😂 NFL hates the Steelers
Nicholas Rex
Nicholas Rex 8 napja
Terry at 9? And no Branden cooks? 🤦🏼‍♂️
Jackson Davies
The NFL is so biased towards the Chiefs, that Tyreek catch should not be number 2
marco estrada
marco estrada 8 napja
How can they forget Lamar run haters
More like Top deep passes of the week lol
David Loudon
David Loudon 8 napja
All Mahomes did on #2 was chuck it downfield and hope Tyreek makes the adjustment 😐
Hunter Felton
Hunter Felton 8 napja
Mclaurin was 1st that is the hardest catch
お客様Abhi 9 napja
Of course they put a Mahomes to Hill catch over Terry McLaurins catch
Buddy Gass
Buddy Gass 9 napja
I know I might be a biased rams fan but how is Robert woods td toe tap not on here his whole body was out of bounds and some how got his feet down at least make it a honorable mention or something
William Lautenbach
where was lamars touchdown pass?!?!?
MaySpitfire 9 napja
TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS get used to it 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Francisco Leon
tyler manns
tyler manns 9 napja
Mclaurin catching a pass on his back is way cooler than a guy running fast and catching a ball without getting touched
Jaylen Pierce
Jaylen Pierce 9 napja
Al Tortugas
Al Tortugas 9 napja
Neither of those were even Kyler’s best play
Aidan Herbert
Aidan Herbert 9 napja
Johnson catch
Mason Rodgers
Mason Rodgers 9 napja
YESSA jamar :)
Superior Guitar
Are we not gonna talk about how the ravens Corner just gave up?
They really put McLaurin’s catch at #9???
Jake Baran
Jake Baran 9 napja
Whoever made this needs to reevaluate… everything
Oxford 9 napja
cant agree with the order but alr
Jeff Creed
Jeff Creed 10 napja
Parker or waddle should be on this
Pedro Espino Jr
Pedro Espino Jr 10 napja
#5 took like 4 steps on the punt
Lucas Buff
Lucas Buff 10 napja
Best season start ever
DrugStoreCowboy 10 napja
That Kirk TD was nice but 3rd best play of the week? I would’ve swapped it with a lot more other plays
Adam Jerde
Adam Jerde 10 napja
antonio brown is still that guy
Adam Jerde
Adam Jerde 10 napja
i love tyreek taunting while down 9 knowing theres no chance he will lose the game thats next level
Adam Jerde
Adam Jerde 10 napja
good for jamar chase, with all the noise coming in about catching the nfl ball he needed a good start for confidence
Ryan B
Ryan B 10 napja
I’m sorry but u forgot Bradley Pinions Punt easily going to be ping of the year but it’s ok always forgetting abt punters
Phil Castillo
Phil Castillo 10 napja
#9 is the best, hands down.
Matterian 10 napja
Wow!! the NFL gave the Raiders some love for once!! I guess hell has frozen over!!
ev05 9 napja
I thought forsure wed be the 9th best play lol
MeNtA1CaSe 10 napja
1:44 Number 1 got embarrassed and the guy running barely juked him.
Dmoney 10 napja
Fr not gonna show Lamar some love 🤦
Adaim Lizarraga
Adaim Lizarraga 10 napja
Im a raiders fan & even i thought scary terry was most impressive. Ill take it though 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
XXTrez 10 napja
McLauren’s catch was beautiful
Pablo Ramírez
Pablo Ramírez 10 napja
i think Raiders vs Ravens gonna be the game of the year
Bambino 10 napja
The nine should be 1st, so difficult to catch this ball !
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese 10 napja
what about chase claypools sideline catch
Matthew Kikkert
Matthew Kikkert 10 napja
Not sure where diontae Johnson’s catch, claypools moss on TRE WHITE, or locketss second catch it
Sean Vanore
Sean Vanore 11 napja
Bruh what ab chase claypools unreal catch?
Tejo Blakes
Tejo Blakes 11 napja
3:32 the Tim Anderson in football
nimbylive 11 napja
1:23 "wide open" as he is nearly intercepted. I do not think you know what this word means.
Dr. The only pro
The rams touchdown at 14 deserves higher
ThrashTheUterus 11 napja
number 9 should be number 1
Arturo Granados
Arturo Granados 11 napja
Let's go Raiders!
lachy 11 napja
db just gave up on number 1, sad to see that nfl players being paid millions of dollars dont all even try an dmake game saving plays on defence anymore
Seattle Seahawks
0:51 not even sure that was Lockett’s best catch of the day.
Angel Hoyos
Angel Hoyos 8 napja
Bro how are we not number 1
ThePhantomed 9 napja
totally irrelevant but are you ready to be crumbled against the rams this year?????????????????
Zxchy 10 napja
do u respond?
Zxchy 10 napja
Michael Bentley
Michael Bentley 11 napja
Tyrod to cooks????
Conte 311
Conte 311 11 napja
I’m surprised they put the raiders on here at all much less number one, weird change of pace from shunning them from these kinds of lists, not complaining just mentioning
Alt Delete
Alt Delete 11 napja
I like how the referee gave the touchdown signed while lockett was 5 yards away from the end zone within the reach of a defender. That's cold
Jake Shepard
Jake Shepard 11 napja
RAIDERS #1 whoop whoop!
Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson 11 napja
BEAUTIFUL throw by Carr off his back foot!
Brian Hutchison
Brian Hutchison 11 napja
Yea Mclaurins catch was way better than 9 cmon
Tyler Meh
Tyler Meh 11 napja
Tom Delay Beats
Tom Delay Beats 11 napja
Number 9 shoulda been number 1 to me.
Kody Fine
Kody Fine 11 napja
Surprised not to see Teddy Bridgewaters play where he stiff armed a would be sacker and then got the ball to Albert O who fought for the TD
endorphinz 11 napja
Why was #8 even on the list?
Christos Kili
Christos Kili 11 napja
-i would like to know which is the best game per week. is there a link?
El Padrino
El Padrino 11 napja
That number one play yeahhhh, Raiders Nation Baby!!!!!
StormingCobra55 2.0
As a Chargers fan, Mahomes to Hill should have been 1. That might be the best throw he has made yet.
Brock the Boxer TV
He does that sh*t every week. Sucks playing against him.
r2 d2
r2 d2 12 napja
0:20 the bears defense could've prevented that TD if they just touch him, that's a lil lazy
ChiStarseed TV
ChiStarseed TV 12 napja
I am better than 90% of the NFL QBs right now!
Jakeito413 12 napja
Genuinely surprised you gave the Raiders any credit! You guys HATE to do that! I think I'd have gone with Edward's catch that was almost the touchdown, though. That was very nice.
The Dope and The Dealer.
Kareem hunt's hurdle should have made this list.....
Ben 12 napja
Kylers scramble gotta be no 1
Silver and Black Rider Until Last Drive
No 1 is the best 🔥☠️
Bryson Page
Bryson Page 12 napja
this list is ass
12 napja
the mahomes play should be 14 it's not as good as the others
Storm of the Beast
McLaurin should be in top 3 at least.
Blake Horning
Blake Horning 12 napja
How did claypool and Dianta Johnson not make this list😤
Irritate 12 napja
surprised DJ Moore's sideline catch wasnt on this
Steel Curtain43
Steel Curtain43 12 napja
Nelson Bellozo
Nelson Bellozo 12 napja
The Titans touchdown to Aj brown was good
Chuyy 12 napja
What? The NFL actually featuring the Raiders? And at #1???? Am I dreaming? Are pigs flying???
Ben Carson
Ben Carson 12 napja
Murray’s scramble play is easy number 1
Christian Gamer
Christian Gamer 12 napja
God loves you and I do too!!!!!!!
SpartanScout47 12 napja
Where is Brandon cooks catch over two Jaguars defenders
Roger Otero
Roger Otero 12 napja
The RAMS first touchdown tho.
ThePhantomed 9 napja
even as a rams fan im scared of staff
12 napja
I thought that one-hander by the texans would at least be in the top 15
Alexander Phillips
Cooper Kupp's wide open TD gets no love.
Kevin 12 napja
Raiders 💪🏼🥱
F Trevino
F Trevino 12 napja
Mahomes should have been #1. Come on not even close!
Arthur Garza
Arthur Garza 12 napja
The befitting loss sadly hum because technician secondly rush in a apathetic anime. volatile, tested begonia
atalay demertzi
atalay demertzi 12 napja
Ähm where's Lockett's 1st TD ?
tim twing
tim twing 12 napja
I like how at the end with mahomes the announcer says a throw that almost no one in the world can make... seriously all he did was Chuck it up in the air hoping hill catches it because he's one on one. The throw really wasn't that impressive.
tim twing
tim twing 11 napja
@Chuyy yup!
Chuyy 12 napja
Kyler Murray made the exact same throw under pressure. It’s just the nfl licking mahomes balls
Joseph Hislop
Joseph Hislop 12 napja
This list was kind of ass lol… Terry’s catch needs to be higher. Saints random INT on here but not the pick 6 by Niners? What about Kylers play that looked almost Russell Wilson esque. That play should’ve been number 1.
Firell Parker
Firell Parker 12 napja
Mahomes x Murray are about to bully these top play videos.
Cody Richter
Cody Richter 12 napja
I want papa Staff back in Detroit 😭
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez 12 napja
Damn no Greenlaw pick 6?
Priest HOLMES 12 napja
I thought Mclaurin had a catch of the year candidate guess not
Hakeem Rishel
Hakeem Rishel 12 napja
I’m a Hawks fan but am surprised Murray’s Madden scramble isn’t in here
Marcus Spencer
Marcus Spencer 12 napja
No Dak Prescott highlight? Whack
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